Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reply: "Wife does not Buy In‏"

BloggerCapnRick said...
Yep... it's a problem. My wife is anti-drama, and thinks Fernando and I are just being dramatic about the possibility of a disaster or meltdown. When we were in Miami Beach, I had a carry permit. Here in Argentina, I don't have a gun. When I set out on a quest to get gold on deposit with a credible source that would be able to cover the cost of a year's food at today's prices, I had to endure a bit of lip... but, I did it anyway. I also put rejas... metal security barriers... on all the windows and armored the outside doors. I also built in some nooks to hide small amounts of currency, silver coins and gold. While my wife was quite vocal about the changes, she recognized my need to do it. She respected my protective instincts.

Go ahead and do it any way you can... with or without her agreement. As Ferfal says... a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

A female friend of ours in Houston was sleeping alone in her apartment one night while her boyfriend was out of town. She was awakened by a big guy with a knife who slapped her around a bit and raped her. When he left her in bed alone to go to the bathroom, she broke out the window and escaped naked and screaming into the night. The police never caught the guy.

She bought a pistol that next day. When her boyfriend came home, she told him what happened. When she showed him the new pistol, he packed up and left... saying that he would not live in the same house with a firearm.

And so it goes...
December 6, 2010 3:25 PM

Hi Rick, sobering stuff. Unfortunately its just too late by then. Hoping for tools to defend yourself by the time there’s already a bad guy inside your house is like wishing you had bought home insurance (or a couple fire extinguishers!) as you see your house go up in flames.
The part about the boyfriend leaving her because she bought a gun after being raped is sad but so true. These days many guys are just sad excuses of what men used to be. Sometimes even just mentioning guns puts them on “eunuch” mode and they start babbling about how guns kill people and its worse to have one during a home invasion. Women sometimes have this same brainwashed speech, but I find I particularly pathetic when it comes from guys, even worse, fathers and husbands. I don’t know how they can look their kids and wife in the eyes knowing they are doing nothing to protected them if it ever comes to that.
 Take care,


Lamb said...

So, the guy was okay with his girlfriend being beaten and raped, but buying a gun was a deal-breaker?
What a piece of feces (to be polite!).
The young lady is MUCH better off without such a cowardly moron.
And that's what such men are---the ones that refuse to protect their families and prepare for "worst case scenarios" are the worst sort of coward!
I am completely "on board" with my fella's efforts to protect and prepare. We work well together...he tends to focus on guns and ammo while I fret and worry about food preps. We both are a bit obsessive about our agricultural efforts and our livestock. (Though I am a bit worried about the fella's recent suggestion that we try raising an ostrich for meat! ACK!)

Shambhala said...


We once had friends who were very left wing. I didnt realize how much until I (innocently, I swear!) asked them to go shooting with us. The wife seemed interested, but the hubby vehemently refused to go.

This is the type of "man" who would rather have his wife raped than defend himself.

Baja Publishing said...

Boyfriend's comment is strange, especially since home is Houston. Chances are his neighbors on both sides own firearms. Same with the guy across the street and behind him. Not sure where he thinks he can go in Houston (or elsewhere in Texas) to hide from guns.

In my 10 years in Texas, I have to say that I can count the number of people I know who don't own a firearm on one hand. I would hate to lose this part of our culture, but I fear we will as the number of transplants from gun control states continues to grow.

Anonymous said...

I kept telling my wife to ask people she respects about prepping for a financial collapse, and see if I'm just only an alarmist. When a billionaire
client confided in her that she should; she got on board, sort of. Basically she wants me to just handle it, but doesn't complain anymore.

Now though she hits me sometimes with,"You know it's only God's will that we will get through it." Like that's a reason to not bother prepping. So I respond,"God helps those who help themselves. Do your best and God will pick up what you lack. Or just quit your job right now as it's only God's will the bills get paid."

Be careful if you use this on your wife. It pissed mine off for a minute, but worked.

Don Williams said...

Re Evan's question earlier, I would suggest that he get Peter Schiff's book Crashproof 2.0 (published 2009, probably in library). Evan can read it, make a list of major points and discuss it with his wife.

Schiff is a financial professional, has a fantastic track record, thinks the USA is in trouble, and makes specific recommendations for investments to protect savings.

Most importantly, he gives concrete reasons for his beliefs /recommendations instead of just telling ghost stories.

Schiff is a strong advocate of the Austrian school and made some of the bulls on Larry Kudlow's show and on Fox look really foolish in 2007. He warned early on that this collapse was coming and took a lot of flack at the time.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I0QN-FYkpw

Anonymous said...

The helpless and dumb and the women who love them. Are like a 'Free Lunch' sign for all criminals and predators. They know that you won't put up any fight and they can do whatever they want to you and take anything from you with little risk of injury to them. More, I'd say such unnatural couplings invite violence, a helpless and cowardly man should NOT be able to get a woman like that. It goes against the natural and brutal sense of justice criminals and masculine have and makes them furious.

That's why extra care should be taken if a female you care about starts living with or going out with a helpless man who can't protect himself let alone his partner.

The person who raped her very likely either knew her personally or her boyfriend.

lemmiwinks said...

I think the real shame is that that poor woman didn't slip into the bathroom and stab that worthless sack of shit in the back a few dozen times with his own knife (or one from the kitchen) while he was taking a piss.

Anonymous said...

"saying that he would not live in the same house with a firearm"

Why would a woman date a man with no sexual organs?

CapnRick said...

Say, guys... ever been to Austin, TX?

Parts of TX are like Boulder CO South... or, Kalifornia. There are pockets of stupidity all over the world... and TX is no exception.

However, you are correct in that there are probably more guns per capita in TX than just about anywhere outside of Afganistan.

Paraguay Insider said...

"We once had friends who were very left wing."

That's 100% on spot!

This is the CORE behind all this "eunuch" guys - they are beeing "good citizens".

A "good citizen" does not care or provide for himself nor his family - the goverment provides everything they need.

A "good citizen" does not worry about "self-defense" - "self-defense" is a form of force and only the goverment is allowed to use force.

A "good citizen" does not educate his children and make them strong and self-reliant personalities, it is the goverment who educates the kids and makes them part of "the hive".

Science fiction? Perhaps for some parts of the US - but in many parts of europe the above is daily routine already.

Anonymous said...

>>>Now though she hits me sometimes with,"You know it's only God's will that we will get through it." Like that's a reason to not bother prepping. So I respond,"God helps those who help themselves. Do your best and God will pick up what you lack. Or just quit your job right now as it's only God's will the bills get paid." <<<

Saw this on another blog: "If you're going to tell the truth, make them laugh or they'll kill you."

So tell her the old joke about the guy in the flood: A man was stranded in a flood. His home was swallowed by water, except for a small portion of roof… and he was sitting on that small portion for dear life, calling out “God, please help me!”

Suddenly, a man calls out from a raft a short distance away and says “hey, come on in!” The stranded man calls out: “I rely on my God. Go ahead without me while I wait for God.” The raft leaves, and the man calls out once again: “Lord, where are you? Please help me!”

Shortly after, a helicopter comes and brings down a line. The stranded man calls out: “I rely on my God. Go ahead without me while I wait for God.” The helicopter leaves, and the man calls out once again: “Lord, where are you? Please help me!”

Within seconds, the flood increases, and the man drowns.

He arrives in heaven at the feet of Jesus, and the man looks up and asks: “Why did I have to die in that flood? Where were you when I called out? I asked you for help!”

Jesus replied: “I sent a raft and a helicopter for you. That was more than enough.”

Anonymous said...

Lamb, amen to that! Wish my husband would think like all of you men who have recently posted. I think Glenn Beck is right on and my husband just doesn't want to hear it. He does allow me to get food storage and he has bought guns/ammo but he does not think the economy is going to tank anytime soon. He keeps saying, could be 10 yrs, 20 yrs? "Nobody really knows and anyone who claims they know when is a fool." He's always talking about how when "we retire in 30 yrs, we'll have this much saved in our 401k" and I keep having to remind him that by then things will be completely different and we probably won't have a 401k. I think we should take possession of our money now, pay off final debts and buy gold/silver. His company has a 100% matching savings program so he shutters at the thought. He believes gold and silver prices will burst soon and even if they dont, they will just be confiscated by government anyway so why bother getting any. That may be true.. but maybe there will be time to pay off debts with the gold if the dollar collapses and loses it's value so our home is paid off and we don't lose everything.

DonB said...

@Anonymous December 10:

Your husband sounds like a good balance for you. He's let you do the obvious basic prep, food. He's not opposed to firearms.

But his path is sensible as well. Foregoing a 100% match would be shortsighted. Even if you should lose 50% of your portfolio due to adverse events, you'd not be behind. Gold and silver aren't risk free, and they have gone for decades at a time losing money.

And he's right when he says no one really knows about the economy. Don't put too much faith in Glenn Beck (he's a paid entertainer) or other so-called experts.

There is sense in being prepared and trimming your debt, but there is sense in taking a company match and investing carefully.

To finish, I'll recommend one expert (despite cautioning against experts) that I think you might both find a good compromise in, William Bernstein. He's got a new finance book out, called "The Investor's Manifesto: Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon, and Everything in Between."

You'll appreciate that he says the point isn't to maximize your probability of retiring rich, it's to minimize your probability of dieing poor.

thsu said...

My experience with getting your wife or girlfriend to buy into firearms was...

Get other women to teach her how to shoot.

I'm serious, it really was that simple for me. I somehow convinced my "I'm afraid of guns" girlfriend (now wife) to just go with me to the range, to meet my shooting friends. One of those, just come meet my friends, type of things.

I purposefully introduced her to my Cowboy Action Shooting club, which is about 40% women, mainly in their 40s and 50s.

That completely threw off my girlfriend, because she did not expect to see wives shooting with their husbands.

The women just took my girlfriend under their wing, like she was a younger sister or a niece, and they just showed her the ropes.

They did more in 5 minutes than I have ever able to do. Women just take well to learning from other women.

She literally went from being scared of guns to "shooting is fun", all in one afternoon.

The transformation was so dramatic that I highly recommend it. To get a woman interested in shooting, introduce her to other women shooters.