Friday, May 13, 2011

Flashlight Review: MTE C3-907

LED Flashlights are one of the most often mentioned and reviewed pieces of gear in my blog.
The reason for that is that flashlights are an essential items for numerous emergencies of different magnitude. They come as a blessing when finding your way around a building during a blackout, after an earthquake just occurred or your car simply broke down out in the sticks or just a poorly lit part of town. How about signaling you position after suffering an accident during a hike? Even walking out of the woods after dark can be challenging if there’s no moon.

The flashlight ends up being useful in countless situations that have nothing to do with life threatening emergencies, but don’t be mistaken. Any disaster or emergency situation you could think of still of, the one think I can assure you 100% is that half the time you’ll be relying on artificially created light. Better carry some of your own in your pocket. Other than your keys, cell phone and wallet, what I consider to be the sacred three elements of EDC you should always have on your person are a knife, a flashlight and some kind of lighter.

During blackouts, the flashlight brings a lot of comfort. I remember this one occasion when I was having a meeting with a few other Architecture teachers. Right in the middle of it lights went out and for a few seconds we all just sat there, in that uncomfortable darkness. Someone brought out a cell phone that projected a very dim light, another one pulled out an old incandescent keychain light that didn’t perform much better. I had a LED in my pocket as usual, so I turned it on, placed it as a candle and the smooth light reflected on the roof illuminating the room. A very primal instinctive reaction, everyone relaxed again when we could all see each other. Someone commented on how fortunate that I had just brought a light that day. If you start carrying a basic EDC with you on daily basis you often find yourself “saving the day” from these little inconveniences.

MTE C3-907

I’ve reviewed several MTE lights already. They are affordable, bright, well made and the customer service offered by Greg is outstanding.

There are many excellent brands out there, I’ve written about several of them, but some aren’t exactly cheap. That’s one of the greatest appeals of the MTE lights, and the C3-907 is the jewel of the MTE brand. The C3-907 costs $25. That’s about lunch and coffee.  Still, it offers everything the survivalist/prepper could want. Seriously, it’s one of the most complete LEDs I’ve seen so far:

1) Compact size, yet has a well designed strike bezel that comes in handy for defensive purposes.
2) Uses a common, cheap single AA battery. Sometimes that’s all you can get your hands on.
3) Powerful R2 Cree LED emitter provides 170 lumens on high mode.
4) Nice user interface with high mode being the first, followed by strobe and the rest of the modes, including medium (60 lumens), low(30 lumens) , fast strobe, slow strobe, S.O.S. and beacon.
5) Rugged, water resistant construction. (not submergible though)
7) The lens is a solid element that focuses the beam for outstanding throw, seeming much brighter than its 170 lumen would suppose. You rarely find small flashlights with such great throw, they tend to be more floody.
8 ) The 60 lumen medium mode and 30 lumen low mode means the light will perform well as an emergency light during extended blackouts, making great use of the AA battery supply you may have.
9) MTE guarantee and customer services provides peace of mind when buying the product.
10) The light costs Usd 25. I dont know of a better value. Outstanding light for a very reasonable price.

Remember to buy ORIGINAL MTE-USA products, directly from Greg McGee.
(there are fake MTE lights out there in DX and other places)
You can find this light over at:
Take care!

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Anonymous said...

I've come to dislike multi-mode lights for EDC.

I've since settled on the Fenix L2T as its plenty bright, runs for hours, and its so simple.

Anonymous said...

I've had one of these for a month or two now and it's hands-down the BEST LED flashlight I've ever owned.

I love it and carry it as my EDC now. I need to go back to Greg and pick one up for each car and kit, too.

Greg has all my business for the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

These lights are freaken awesome. I bought one right away and love it. I can't wait to buy the next one for my wife's BoB

Anonymous said...

Just checking to see if the MTE C3-907 is still the best all around lite since it has been a while. I still like the 4-7's 123 mini quark the best (if you can justify the $50). Thank you again for all of your time in keeping US up to date on what to watch for with our government and banksters. The mutant zombie biker forums are entertaining but it's nice to have you here as a reality check.