Sunday, May 15, 2011

MTE C3-907

Guys, Greg just emailed me, he’s almost sold out on the C3-907 that I reviewed.
He told me that he will have more in 7-10 days.


Doug From Oz said...

I seem to remember he sold out of the M3-2I when you reviewed it as well! Nice to see how many people respect your reviews that they then go and buy the product.

Minimalist said...

When I ordered from his website, there was a box to enter a promotional code. It would be nice if he would give FerFal's follower's the same discount that he might be giving others.

Anonymous said...

These lights seriously kick butt and Greg ships them right away! I bought one based on FerFal's recommendation and its way better than my other LED light, even though the battery life is only 2.5 hrs when its maxed out.