Sunday, May 15, 2011

Must watch Movie: Inside Job

I watched “Inside Job” last night.
The movie explains why and how the house bubble was created, the economic crisis and who profited from it. As good as the documentary is, take a pill before watching it if you have high blood pressure problems. Those that caused all this misery did not only not go to jail, get filthy rich, and are still in the government. They also laugh in your face.  
Inside Job 

Most of us already have a good idea of how it happened, but there’s still good information in this well put together documentary. The Matt Damon is the narrator, and because of this I thought it would have a “Blame Bush and the Republicans” attitude and completely overlook the current’s administration blame. I was pleasantly surprised to see they did not hesitate to show how Obama’s promises of stopping and punishing the Wall Street mercenaries was left only at empty words, and how those same guys that caused the crisis during the Bush administration also found an nice profitable home in Obama’s one as well, doing the exact same thing.
I highly recommend this movie, not only for adults but the entire family, so as to understand what happened, where USA is heading and what you’ll need to be preparing for.



Don Williams said...

1) Some of leftists in the USA (not registered Socialists or Communists but people who in the past voted Democratic) are pretty angry with Obama and the Democratic leadership.

Anyone who actually looks at US politics can't help seeing that Democrats are really the same as the Republicans but with more hypocrisy. The elites of both parties are employees of our billionaires.

2) Ferfal is right -- Inside Job is a great movie and one that Americans especially should see.

3) IF anyone is interested, Matt Taibbi at the Rolling Stone magazine has written a series of scathing attacks on Democratic and Obama sellouts to wealthy interests.

Both on healthcare reform and on the pretend attempt to regulate Wall Street -- while actually doing nothing that would annoy Wall Street political donors.


Ron said...

I also agree that this is a must-see. It isn't a ton of NEW information but it still lays it all out for everyone to better understand what is going on. This falls in the must-see list alongside Food Inc, The Obama Deception, etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's a great film. Hopefully, if enough people watch it maybe we can put some of these SOBs behind bars. This financial collapse was NOT a mistake. People acted illegally and against the interests of the nation and the world.

valjean16 said...

Yes, I listened to Matt Damon talk about politics on some program a couple of months back and was pleasantly surprised at his well researched comments. If enough well known people like Matt speak out with the truth perhaps more people will listen and actually do some research of their own. Then again, I'm an optimist who frequently has internal fights with my realistic side.

I've not seen this particular movie but I'm an accountant by profession and the real estate bubble is certainly what got me questioning and researching back in 2006. The things the federal reserve and wall street were doing simply defied logic. Little did I know when I first started researching, I'd end up down the rabbit hole and out the other side.

Unfortunately, most people don't wish to hear the truth. The majority of the US populace are ostriches as is true of the rest of the world. This flaw in the human character has been and will continue to be our undoing.