Monday, April 9, 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

I watched “The Hunger Games” this weekend with my wife.
The film is basically about a futuristic reality TV show where 24 kids have to survive in a forest and basically kill each other until only one is left alive. There’s some survival elements in the movie, the heroine of the story is a bow hunter and knows how to gather food, set traps, etc. Her mentor explains the importance of shelter and water and early in the movie she ends up with a kit that includes matches, crackers, beef jerky, sleeping bag, NV goggles, snare wire, rope, iodine, water flask and the backpack itself which she uses to stop a knife thrown at her that she manages to secure as well.
But whats in my opinion even more relevant is the idea of a totalitarian government that eventually kills people for control through fear, while using it as entertainment with the masses cheering in approval. Given the mind numbing stupidity and insanity of reality TV shows and how governments keep taking away people’s rights, this kind of fiction movie hits a bit too close to home.
The Hunger games is actually a novel trilogy but it seems more oriented to teens and its not the type of book I´d waste my time reading. Still, it makes an ok movie. The flick is pretty decent, mostly thanks to the solid performance by Jennifer Lawrence, the same girl from “Winter’s Bone”. Thumbs up.
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green82000 said...

I must say I read the books and I did enjoy them. Yes it is trageted at a teen audiance and there is no real infromation to be found in them but it does show teens there is hope in this world. The books trace the story of the main character through the games as an under dog all the way to where she is the face of the rebellion aganist a corrupt totialtalian government. It show teens that there voice can be herd in times like this and that they can fight back against ture unjustest at the hands of government with out the PC hippie left wing nonsense that is put in the front of teens today. It comes from a central right to almost conserative stance, agian something unheard of today. Its a good read and gives you something to ponder