Monday, July 2, 2012

Video: Pregnant Woman Shot

This happened yesterday in Buenos Aires, Castelar.
10.07PM  a young couple arrives home. The pregnant woman “keeps an eye” on things, while the husband parks the car in the garage. A criminals rushes in, struggles with the husband and shoots the pregnant woman. She’s in critical condition, the baby died today.

What went wrong here? First of all, this is Argentina, ok? Its not a normal country. I’ve blogged about this more than enough I believe. In normal countries there is crime, but its not this bad. In Argentina, every morning, “sabes que salis, pero no sabes si volves” (you know you leave, but you dont know if you will make it back).

Some of the mistakes made in this case.
1)Some of my friends in Argentina, they don’t enter the car to the garage. They prefer to leave it outside and make a quicker entry to the house. This is standard procedure for many.

2)The wife was obviously looking around when he was entering the car to the garage. It was clear to me that she knew well it was a dangerous moment. Problem is, what could she do if someone did come after them like it ended up happening? Just looking doesn’t work when there’s actually dangerous people out there. The way I did it was parking with the gun ready, looking yes, but ready to throw lead in their direction if something like that happened. You drive in, gun drawn and in your hand, looking around expecting these bastards to come after you. That´s how you mentally prepare yourself. That’s how instead of being surprised, you have a target to shoot.

3)The husband struggled with the attacker, and the attacker instinctively did what we often do it training: Use the “sacrifice” hand to create distance and keep the adversary away from our weapon. The husband then does another mistake, instead of keep going at him, closing distance and trying to get control of the gun, punch or kick him, he hesitates and stays back. That’s when the criminals puts a round into the chamber and instead of shooting the husband, does what his natural evil nature dictates and shoots the pregnant woman instead. Notice how in this case, if the husband had at least grabbed one of the criminals hand, he wouldn’t have been able to rack the slide and put a round in the chamber. If he had continued fighting, he could have stopped him from shooting at all. For this same reason, if you carry a firearm, you NEVER carry in condition 3, empty chamber.


EDIT UPDATE: The woman and baby are ok. It was ANOTHER pregnant woman that was shot the DAY BEFORE THIS ONE, also in Buenos Aires, the one who lost the baby. I made the confusion becuase when reading Clarin news paper one news headline was next to the other. What a sad situation it is, that this happens so often that confusions like these are even possible!!


Anonymous said...

Very sad story. It didn't happen to me, nor the victims are related to me, and I still feel like crap. News like this make me extremely angry. The best we can do is to learn from these situations in order to not become one of the victims. I personally do as FerFAL explained -- parked outside and move up, about, and around with my Glock 32 in Condition 1, always, either appendix or 4 o'clock strong hip side. It's second nature as crime in Puerto Rico is extremely similar to Argentina. I wish my car was bulletproof, though...//Carlos//

Ignacio Ciruzzi said...

Hi there. The news channel says the woman was shot in a leg. How come she lost the baby?
I think you are confusing two different assaults: This is the first you where both the woman and the unborned baby were shot http://www.infobae.com/notas/656702-La-mujer-baleada-en-Ciudad-Evita-continua-grave.html
And this the second, where the woman was shot in the leg but the baby is safe. http://www.infobae.com/notas/656721-El-momento-en-que-balean-a-otra-embarazada.html

Love your blog!

Chris said...

That's disgusting, man. I live in South Africa, and we have similar crime to what you experience in Argentina. Over here, people are often murdered for as little as a cellphone. Thanks for your blog, going to start reading regularly from now on. That post gave me food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Biggest mistake was the man parking the car and thus distracted, while defenseless woman stood outside. Should have been woman parking while aware man stood outside

Anonymous said...

woman should have parked the car while man stood watch

Anonymous said...

The woman should have parked the car, while the man stood watch

Don Williams said...

1) I would think the husband would be in much mental agony in the days to come. He failed to protect his wife and unborn child. But, hey, at least he can take pride in being a law-abiding citizen. No doubt all those gun-hating liberals who push for laws against gun ownership will restore his wife and child to him.
2) If there was a just God, then Carlos Menem or some of the other politicans who destroyed Argentina would have been standing there to take the criminal's bullet.
3) Seems to me the husband has 4 choices: a) kill himself (b) accept what has happened and carry on with life (c) start hunting down and exterminating criminals until the police stop him (d) start hunting down and killing the politicans who create the criminals/high crime until the police stop him

Double Tapper said...

This is what happens when a country gets out of control and anarchy instead of the rule of law takes over. When animals run the show. When good people are afraid to stand up. And by standing up, I mean doing it right. Getting trained. Training your mind. Getting the right mindset to do battle. If you live in a warzone, take the fight to the bad guys as much as possible.

In the US we still have time. Acquire and train. Take at least one class and shoot every month. Dedicate a portion of your time and budget to learn to use your weapon well. Doesn't have to be expensive - I can hit an 8" steel plate at 100 yards with my P-89 using "crappy" 115 grn 9mm Blazer aluminum case ammo. I am an indifferent shot at best. But I practice and devote some resources to the art to develop skill. Anyone can.

Crime will continue unabated until the cost of crime exceeds the payout. Don't let the balloon go up while your pants are down!

gaga said...

"But, hey, at least he can take pride in being a law-abiding citizen. No doubt all those gun-hating liberals who push for laws against gun ownership will restore his wife and child to him."

He could well of had a gun, because gun ownership is legal in Argentina. It didn't stop his wife getting shot.

Butoeskor said...

If that guy even had a pocket knife on him he could have stopped that criminal. Or at least tried.

Anonymous said...

The main problem in this case as ferfal points out was mental. Probably the guy wasn't confident enough in his hand to hand fighting skills, which is why he stopped his attack.

Anonymous said...

First , let me make it clear that i feel very bad for those people. No one diserves this.
But I have a small observational remark.

1 The guy 'heard? the attacker coming. You see the man's head turning even before the attacker was in sight. Seemed like he was expecting something..

2 The attacker looked to have no other motive then to shoot the woman. Sure there was a short interaction with the husband but shot the woman and didn't follow through on his attack.

3.If you want to rob somebody with a gun you hold your distance and state your demand. The attacker went in without a serious demand.

4. The only threath for the attacker was potentially the husband. He held him at gunpoint to create distance but turned for no visible reason his aim to the woman.

Could it be that this was a order hit and the husband knew? Or am i trying to give sense to something sensless?