Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gear FAIL: Don’t buy SIGG Water bottles!!!

“EcoCare” my %$·/!
The “old” SIGG bottles leached BPA. The new ones have an EcoCare liner that is so eco friendly that it degrades and peels off even when using water in it!

I was cleaning up my son’s water bottle today, less than a year old, when I noticed that the internal super special eco-friendly liner the SIGG bottle is supposed to have was peeling off!
Turns out this happens all the time. There's lots of videos on youtube showing just that.  Also Wikipedia says SIGG bottles have this problem. The word needs to get out more.  I know what you are thinking: SIGG is Swiss quality, right? Wrong. They are marketed as such but they are really made in China.

I wouldnt have a problem with a quality product made anywhere but these are expensive, supposedly the green choice so as to not pollute the world with disposable bottles and they end up making an expensive aluminum water bottle with an internal plastic liner that falls apart and you end up drinking it! By the way, I cleaned it by hand, the bottle has never been in the dishwasher or exposed to high temps.

Anyway, huge warning about SIGG water bottles and SIG in general. Awful product and pretty shady company disguised as Swiss tree huggers.



knife reviews said...

Kleen Kanteen is the way to go. Food grade stainless steel...no chemicals to leach.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years, just checked, no peeling.. I wonder what makes it happen? The aluminum extruded ones are Swiss made, but the Steelworks are definitely made in China. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on my bottle.. (all the dents along the sides and bottom from heavy use haven't made the inner liner peel, but some of the external lacquer has definitely rubbed off over time.)