Friday, May 3, 2013

Left, Right and Society Today

The following is a letter by contributor JV. I reply bellow with some insights of my own. Its part where we stand today, part self-criticism as a society.


“Socialism (literally, government) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
-        Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850
David Sirota recently penned an article about the Boston Marathon bombing, while the victims were still bleeding one day after the attack, titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”
Of course, Sirota’s reason is simple – he did not want “slander” of Islam, or by extension, any other minorities.  Leaving aside the simple question of whether the Qu’ran is violent or not (I have read it twice, and indeed it is – and in fact was founded by violence), Sirota does have an initial valid point that we may perhaps all agree on: We desire all people to have basic human rights and dignity.  The question is, how do we get there?
Unfortunately the “logic” of Sirota, and others of his persuasion, breaks down in two areas. The first area is that leftists like Sirota – in their Robespierrian attempt to make everyone equal – have no problems running roughshod over other equally intrinsic rights that are also predicated on basic human rights and dignity, such as the right of free speech, or the right of self-defense, which includes the right to bear arms.
But that is not the concern of this article. Rather, the second, and key concern, of this article is the inhumanity, hypocrisy, hatred and Orwellian control that has historically and intrinsically been part and parcel of the very nature of left. Sirota’s article, written while people were still bleeding in pain, is consistent with the inhumanity of the left. And here is the key point: Is Sirota an aberration? Was this article just a “one-off?”  There are certainly people of all persuasions – left, right, centre, anarchists, monarchists, etc. – where we can find those who have engaged in violence, so even if there were ten Sirota’s writing in Salon the next day, that would not prove leftists are suspect as a group. And I don’t wish to even hint at the typical Alinsky intellectual fraud of demonizing one person, and then extending that to a full group. It is intellectually bankrupt and – on a different plane – completely irrelevant. I will leave that kind of sophistry to the left. Besides, leftists are much better at it!  And, no, I am not being hypocritical here, for my very point is that the left, with few exceptions, always engages in this type of casuistry. That is why they require their campus speech police, a compliant, “lamestream” media, a well-oiled propaganda machine, and hordes of “Yes we can” chanters.   Rather, my belief is that as the conservative and libertarian views have  an intrinsic, explanatory adequacy, we needn’t devolve into the leftist shenanigans of organizations like, etc. to win the day. Rather, people of good will and fair-mindedness will see the reasoning behind the conservative argument, just as even after decades of iron-fisted, propaganda filled Soviet rule, the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of socialism – the emperor with no clothes – could still be seen. Yes, it would be ideal if leftists would grant the same fairness to conservatives, but in my experience with the left, basic logic, evenhandedness and intellectual integrity such as this passes by their reasoning like “two sheeps in the night” (pun intended).  I learned this lesson the hard way on one of the very first papers I wrote while an undergrad at university, where I was clearly marked down on a  paper by a leftist professor who did not agree with a few minor observations made within the writing.
My concern is that the left, in general, is built around a philosophy that treats people as animals, has utilitarianism as its religion, and is at core one of the most blatantly hypocritical and violent movements to ever un-grace the face of the planet. The left is not so much concerned about justice as they are about their own conceit that they alone have the knowledge to control everyone and everything.  I recall a cartoon from decades ago, the author now lost to antiquity, which had one rich man stating to another “First I thought it was sex, then money… but now I know it is power.” And importantly, power without humanity equals tyranny.  This is exactly what is occurring today.
Where does our humanity – without which everything degrades into utilitarianism and depersonalized “citizens” (here I disparagingly use the term “citizens” as Robespierre did) –  derive from? Ultimately, we are left with two choices: God or man. And if the latter, then those rights may also be taken away by the same entity that “granted” them.  The most successful country and culture in the history of man, the U.S., adhered to the former, of course. Thomas Jefferson stated that our rights were endowed by our Creator in our founding document. Other writers such as CS Lewis, in his short book The Abolition of Man, have noted that ethics ultimately have no basis without the absolutes from whence they derive. Or as the Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev once put it, “If there is no God, man does not exist either.” But let me not even go down the “religious” path – Albert Camus, who was no Christian – alluded to the same idea, once stating that a finite point, without an infinite reference point, has no meaning.
So, where does the socialist un-vision lead us?  As writer and Fabian socialist G.B. Shaw once wrote, You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught and employed, whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not the character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner.” And shouldn’t our dear leaders do as Shaw, suggests, for recall that in the left’s world, your rights are granted by the man created state, and can be revoked that same man created state.  Or, as Fyodor Dostoyevski stated , if there is no God, everything is permissible. And what is this “permissible?” This is simply answered, by taking a look at the track record of the left, which has been one consistent record of oppression, lack of compassion, murder and poverty. To wit:
          Dr. Arthur Brooks of Syracuse University, has written one of the most important books on the topic of leftist faux “compassion,” entitled Who Really Cares. This book is worthy of being a cornerstone in your personal library, with 200 pages of very heavily documented statistics noting, for example, that religious conservatives are more likely than leftists to give money away, volunteer for community concerns, and even give to secular charities. Most strikingly, if leftists gave blood at the same rate as conservatives, the blood supply for critical, life-saving medical support would increase by 45% (see page 22 in Brooks’ book)In another must-read  book, Do As I Say, Not As I Do, by Peter Schweizer, he profiles the utter hypocrisy of liberal icons such as Nancy Pelosi, who owns –  in addition to multiple other properties – a vineyard on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena, CA, worth $25 mm in 2005. What’s the big deal about this? Pelosi, who would like a national holiday commemorating United Farm Workers’ Cesar Chavez, will not let UFW union workers pick the grapes for the Pelosi vineyard’s  $100 a bottle wine, says Schweizer. And it’s not that they don’t make a lot of dough off their vineyard – as of the book’s writing, financial disclosures showed $200k to $2 million profits on this vineyard alone in the preceding years. But, as we also see, e.g., with carbon billionaire Al Gore, profit trumps ethics and intellectual integrity.  Babs Streisand, another Hollywood Learjet leftist? Schweizer quotes Brad Meltzer worked for her for a year and half, and commented about her treatment of the working staff, stating that she was “… absolutely mean and niggardly about the salaries of the working people she hired,” and referring to some young illegal immigrants she hired for $3.50/hr to do menial work, when they asked for 25 cents/hr more for overtime work, Meltzer says “She told me to fire them and have them replaced. It killed me, but I did it.”  And let’s not forget other similar examples, such as Hilary Clinton with her miraculous cattle trades, Whitewater and her host of other get rich quick schemes.
          Hatred from the left? Here is security camera footage from the homosexual gun attack on Family Research Council, where the perpetrator intended to kill dozens of innocent people, and then wipe Chik-Fil-A sandwiches all over them in a final insult to those he murdered. (~2 min). I have personally witnessed similar physical threats of violence by homosexuals in a meeting of parents’ elementary school children, so this comes as no surprise to me.

          Violence? Political notes that John Wilkes Booth, a Democrat, shot and killed President Lincoln; Charles Guiteau, who was a member of the communist Oneida Community, shot and killed President Garfield; Leon Czolgosz, a leftist anarchist (similar to the useful idiots in the Occupy movement) killed President McKinley. Meanwhile, some other lefties who had failed assassination attempts (whose politics we know) include Severino Di Giovanni, a leftist anarchist, tried to bomb President-elect Hoover’s train, Giuseppe Zangara, a professed anti-capitalist, tried shooting President-elect Franklin Roosevelt; Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola, two Marxists, tried killing President Truman at the Blair House; Samuel Byck, who tried joining the leftist Black Panther group, attempted to kill President Nixon. As well, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, member of the Manson Family and also a hippie environmentalist, shot at President Ford; Sara Jane Moore tried to kill Pres. Ford as well because, as she said, “the government had declared war on the Left”; Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a leftist connected to the Occupy movement, tried getting a one-in-a-billion shot at Obama by firing a gun at the White House.As if the murder and terrors of Robespierre weren’t enough of a clue, the outcome of leftist philosophy reached its nadir a century later, starting in the USSR. When the Russians opened their archives after the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, they admitted that there were 61 – 62  million “excess deaths.” Dr. RJ Rummell of Univ. of Hawaii, in his book Death by Government,has painstakingly detailed that roughly 170 million people were murdered by their own governments in the last century, with about 99% of those deaths coming at the hands of socialist countries. Meanwhile Stephane Courtois, et al, in the highly regarded Black Book of Communism,  stated the numbers murdered by the left were around 100 million. You say tomato, I say tomahto…. but any way you slice the leftist killings (assuming knives are not yet banned), the left has murdered and oppressed more human beings than any other movement in the history of the world.
          Interestingly, there is one key word in the paragraph above that needs special attention: the word “excess” used by the Russians. The significance of this is that even after many decades of socialist propaganda, dehumanization, oppression, there was still a conscience in people, as well as an innate recognition that what was done was simply evil. It almost as if they couldn’t bring themselves to us the word “murdered,” and needed some Cain and Abel type euphemism to attempt to hide the blood of their murdered brothers.  And therein lies some hope for us.
While the list could go on for dozens of pages about the hypocrisy and violence of the left, what is the real point of the above? Just to mud sling? Certainly, conservatives have their own failures, and a list could be made of that, too. I, myself, could also have a list made of my own failures and hypocrisies. But this objection proves the very point: All men and women are fallible, and truly absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Which is why the basis of the American Constitution, with its separation of powers, is utterly central, and why the erosion of Constitutional principles will lead to disaster, totalitarianism, and worse. Generally speaking the core of the conservative and libertarian views is that this very recognition of fallibility is built into their guiding principles, in a way that socialism denies theoretically, or practically.  It is also the reason why conservatives and libertarians will not be shut up, as the alternative is a fate worse than if Hitler took over the world… and why this post is written.
In conclusion, returning to the Russians – who know a thing or two about the abject failure of socialism – as one observed “The future kingdom of socialism will be a terrible tyranny of criminals and murderers. It will throw humanity into a true hell of spiritual suffering and poverty.” (Fyodor Dostoyevski). But, of course, the hypocrite elite, the Learjet leftists and limousine liberals, will still be living in spendour, and as Orwell warned us, while we will all be equal in this socialist dystopia, some of us will be “more equal” than the others. Just ask leftists George Clooney with his multiple megamansions (you can google this for your own verification, and to see actual pictures), Sean Penn and his palatial digs, Mikey Moore with his NY penthouse and multi-million dollar mansion on Torch Lake, MI, Madonna, or a thousand other Hollywierd glitterati – when not even one of them will open up just one room in just one of their zillion square foot mansions. Just think of Obama supporter Tom Hanks, who in 2010 purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific  Palisades for $26 million, which was  the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County that year. Any tent people you know of bunking there.
In conclusion, even socialists sometimes have an inkling of the inherent insufficiency of socialism. Leftist French writer Andre Gide wrote, after visiting the socialist workers paradise of Stalin, that “I doubt that in any country of the world, even Hitler’s Germany, is thought less free, more bowed down, more terrorized,” while on the opposite side of the world, Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang wrote of socialism he saw in communist China that included “making 12 year old children subject to capital punishment, sending women to work in underground coal mines, harassing workers during their lunchtime with threats of prison – or worse – if they were late returning to work.”
Friends, we have our work cut out for us. That work is non-violent in nature. But we need to speak, communicate and educate. That is the path forward. The alternative is a fate worse than if Hitler had won. 

Thanks JV for sharing your thoughts. You cover several topics here that I believe are to a great extent relevant to what we see in society today, in many ways the root cause of many of the problems we try to be better prepared for by doing what we do here.
I must say though, that while I agree with you on certain things I don’t agree with others. Since its more fun to talk about differences rather than the things we agree on, I’ll do just that. :-)
A few years ago while at a Self Reliance Expo in Salt Lake city I was talking with John Silveira, editor of Backwoods Home maganize and author of Danielle Kidnapped.
We were talking about current events, politics and such, which is a topic that survivalists generally agree on more or less. At one point I told him that at the end of the day “Communism is simply a brutal form of capitalism”. He liked that quote and wrote it down somewhere. As I read JV’s letter I was reminded of that. Isnt it amazing, how many incredibly rich leftists we have? Not just the actors and other famous (and rich) people JV notices. I see it happening in my own country, Argentina, with a leftist government, “national and popular”, where the “national and popular” president wears Italian designer clothes and jewels fit for a queen, has billions in accounts, and the rest of her “national and popular” minions also live in opulent estates, located on the richest parts of Buenos Aires. What an interesting way of being leftists and “national and popular”.
Like the graphic of Y equal tangent X equation tenting to negative infinity, all of a sudden it joins somewhere with infinity, the two extremes mysteriously coming together at some point beyond rational understanding.
All these people, not only rich politicians and actors, but even more important, superrich corporation owners, why is it that they finance leftists? Because they want to be poor? No, its because they want to make an obscene amount of money, and you can only do that if you take away from other people.
Anyone remembers that Simpsons episode, where Bill Gates “acquires” Homer’s internet company?  He destroys his office while saying “I didn’t get rich signing checks, Mr. Simpson”.
That’s where the right becomes left. Rob a bank and steal 10 million dollars at gunpoint and you get 10 to 25. Steal 100 billion dollars through market manipulation causing death and misery to millions around the globe and you get to choose who gets elected as a president next year. It’s the new concept of left-right monstrosity: If they make money its their money, hey, that’s capitalism right? But if they lose money they still make money because the tax payer is left to pick up the tab. Sorry, too big to fail.
Right or Left. I don’t trust either any more. Like y=tgx, it gets to a point where the limit to the left tends to infinity and the limit to the right, ironically tends to negative infinity and it both happens at that same point.
About minorities, racism and xenophobia. I think that within the survival community we have the huge stigma of racism and it needs to be addressed. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read racist or xenophobic remarks against different nationalities, ethnic groups and religions. There’s no right group to be racist about people. Racism is racism pure and simple. We cant just paint it all with a wide brush and call it political correctness or political agenda. Those do exist, of course they do, but so does racism. It not only exists, racism, xenophobia and sectarianism are alive and better than ever, many times sponsored by the government themselves. People that don’t see it generally do so because they never suffered it themselves.
About moral values, today I watched teen mom on MTV for about 20 minutes before changing the channel, worried about suffering brain damage due to stupidity exposure.
I know these things are scripted but still, my God.
One of the “teen” couples, they must have been weighting over 300 pounds each, at the very least I kid you not. Oh, by the way, if 70% of your body weight is fat you’re not big, you’re just plain old fat dude. These two morbidly obese teenagers, they had a baby, not only did they scream and shout at each other in front of their already fat child, they lived like pigs as well. The house they lived in was a mess. Both of them were too lazy to do cleaning of any kind. The disgusting mess they lived in was accentuated by cat feces that covered any free surface of the floor that wasn’t occupied with dirty clothes or fast food wrapping trash.
 Lets not even get to the millions of people that apparently seem to be surprised that their slutty teenage daughters end up getting pregnant when sleeping around.
I’m telling you, if you watch that show for more than 30 minutes you lose all faith in human kind.
If we don’t find a way of going back to a place where people have some basic values, minimum amount of shame and self respect, we’re done. Here again, both left and right promote this same kind of society. A society that is stupid, and lazy, with no self-respect or moral compass.
The less you think, the more needy you are, the more you depend on the government, the greater the control it has over you.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, JV still, like millions of Jews, Laotians, Armenians, Chinese, etc, etc believes that things will work out just fine as long as we talk, educate and inform. NONSENSE.
Regressives are about coercion, force and violence.
That is the only thing they understand and respect.

Don Williams said...

1) I am somewhat of a leftist but more in the style of Sean Connery's father. In the movie
"The Russia House" Sean Connery plays Barnaby -- a book publisher who travels to Russia
and is being recruited by MI6 after receiving classified info from a Russian scientist/dissident.

The Americans are sceptical and at a lakeside meeting an American general grills Barnaby:

" General: You are from a Liberal background, aren't you?

Connery: Liberal?

General: Your father.

Connery: My father HATED liberals.
He followed the communist line mostly.

Young CIA Analyst: So you would prefer the American democratic system over the English class system?

Connery (blandly): Oh, without question.

CIA: Yet you travel a lot to Russia.

Connery: Well, I like the Russians.

They are just as corrupt as Americans but without the bullshit."

2) JV is partially right and partially wrong. Yes, the Democrats are corrupt whores for the Rich-- as are the Republicans. Republicans George W Bush and Hank Paulson (former CEO of Goldman Sachs) called loudly for the Wall Street bailout in 2008 and a Democratic Congress
approved it.

Both parties are basically minor service organizations for their billionaire patrons --as is the US Government they run.

It was Democrats Bill Clinton, Larry Summers and Robert Rubin who worked with Republican Senator Phil Gramm to overturn the Glass-Steagall Act in order to let Wall Street steal everything not nailed down. And the Republican Congresses of 1994-2006 did nothing to stop that.

The Democrats are just as quiet about that $40 Million Bill Clinton has picked up since leaving office as Republicans are indifferent to Phil Gramm's UBS sinecure.

3) And, yes, there are Professional Leftists who are psychopathic liars and slanderers in the same mold as the Professional Rightists on Fox. That is how they make their living.

Because the billionaires rule the USA via "divide and conquer" -- by making politics into a football game in which your only choice is which mob of drunken, idiotic fans you join.

So East Coast urban Democrats are told that every rural white
Southerner is a sheet-wearing racist member of the Ku Klux Klan.

And rural Republicans are told that every black middle class
urban dweller is a welfare queen sucking up the taxes of the good white folk. Including , presumably, those unemployed military veterans returning from Iran and Afghanistan.

4) The Democratic Party was terrified at the appeal Ron Paul had to some progressive leftists --hence the massive effort to portray Paul as a "racist" based on 20 year old newletters and a tortured "guilt by association".

All the time ignoring the fact that Paul was one of the few politicans to stand up and challenge our disasterous foreign policy --while Democratic whores for Israel Lobby billionaires like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry voted for an unnecessary war that has killed more black men in the past decade than the Ku Klux Klan managed in the past 150 years. If you want to see why, read Wikipedia's article on major Democratic donor Haim Saban.

5) Given how Bush and Cheney wiped their behinds on the Bill of Rights, it seems hilarious for JV to be concerned about the tyranny of the socialists.

And given that the top 2 percent have increased their share of the national income from 8% to 25% percent, I don't think we have to worry about the Commies taking over. To put it charitably.

Greek Caste System said...

Fernando, you said:
"About minorities, racism and xenophobia. I think that within the survival community we have the huge stigma of racism and it needs to be addressed."
1)So many people talk about racism without defining what they mean. For me, racism is a form of discimination just and ONLY because of your origin. For instance during Nazi Germany there where GERMANS, of Christian religion, knowing not a single Jewish word that were sent to concentration camps just because their grandfather happened to be a Jewish.
2) On the other hand NOT all civilizations, cultures, regimes and religions are of the same value. Personally I consider democracy of higher value than totalitarianism, Christinity of higher value than Islamism and the modern European civilization of higher value than the African one, although there could be some good points in African culture (like music).
3) For instance rule of law is a product of the ancient Greeks, Romans and modern Europeans. In other cultures there is the rule of the emperor, of the tribal leader, of the religious leader (mufti) or just anarchy and lawlessness.
4)If we say that all regimes, religions and civilizations are equal, then we deduct nihilism, indiferrence, conformism and apathy.

Don Williams said...

For those who think the "Socialists" are about to take over America, a little reality check:

1) Banks with political influence and lobbyists got more bailout
money from the taxpayers:

2) As of 2011, the wealth of the upper 7% had risen by 28% due to
the bailout whereas the wealth of the lower 93% had dropped by -4%:

Note that the fat hogs in the top 5% own 62% of US wealth:

3) No one in the news media wants to acknowledge that most Americans are falling deeper and deeper into debt slavery if you include their share of the federal debt. Federal debt soared from around $5.5 Trillion in 2001 to over $16.7 Trillion today. How does it make sense to run up a huge debt just to keep a crappy low-wage job?

4) That is almost as stupid as wasting 4 years and running up $100,000 in education loans for a college degree that is worthless in today's economy.

5) And you can forget about that mirage/con game called a "career". The prospects of middle-aged US workers are about as good as a race horse with a broken leg:

6) At long last, the US news media is finally acknowledging the massive increase in US suicides -- up 28% for adults 35-64 years of age:

7) Unemployment rate for veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq is "only" 9.1 percent. 1 out of 5 National Guardsmen returning to their civilian job is finding it ain't there:

8) Which partially explains the increased suicide rate among military personnel as well:

9) Corruption in our government and on Wall Street has killed more Americans than Al Qaeda. This pack of whores does not deserve the respect of its citizens
-- it deserves to be destroyed and replaced with something better.

As it says in the Declaration of Independence.

10) The genius of "American democracy" versus the mere dictatorships of foreigners is that our ruling elites can use our own labor to forge the chains that bind us. And our own press to lie to us 24/7 to divert our attention aways from that fact.

US citizens support a military budget that is higher than the next 20 major military powers COMBINED -- and most of those
other powers are our NATO friends.

Plus $40 billion of our taxes go for the "Department of Homeland Security" -- although you would think a $1 Trillion per YEAR military would be defending the Homeland.

Additional taxes go for a prison complex and judicial system that imprisons a higher percentage of its citizens than any other
nation on earth -- 4 times the rate even of authoritarian China.

Don Williams said...

1) In 2008, Americans voted for "Change You Can Believe In" -- and gave the Democrats enormous political power. Control of the White House, a supermajority in the House of Representatives and
a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. And in return they got
5 years of massive unemployment and depressed wages while the
Rich got richer.

Real (adjusted for inflation) median income for US households is DOWN $5000 since 2008 -- $51,320 down from $56,340. And the $56,340 reflects 8 years of flat wage growth during the Bush Administration.

2) We don't have an unemployment rate of 7% --the real rate is closer to 14%.

3) And the fix the Democratic Party proposes? Import millions of immigrants to take jobs and drive wages down ever further for the the Party's rich patrons.

Good thing workers have the Democratic politicans looking out for them. I hate to think what would happen if the Party was just lying to its middle class
supporters in order to screw them.

Anonymous said...

All of the problems listed from both the left and right are caused by big government. A less powerful government would be a less attractive target for corrupt elites at the top. At the same time, the obese losers on that MTV show would not be able to continue their destructive lifestyle if the government didn't fund it through nonstop welfare.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comment on May 8 nails it! Regular citizens don't pay much attention or give much thought, but are swayed by emotional arguments. It doesn't take much discussion with them, be they left or right leaning, to learn that there is a wide range of things they think there ought to be a law about. The political leaders are not really ideologues, but are opportunists. They picked a path that gives them their greatest opportunity to get elected. This explains why we see their seemingly contradictory behavior. It is all about the power, and the more we want from our government, the more power we give government to use against us, and ultimately abused for the political elite's own benefit.