Saturday, May 4, 2013

Survival Mindset, Preparedness and Paranoia


Anonymous said...


Matt's comment is ample proof of why of you should continue educating the "sheeple" (as in the sheep-like-people).  In my humble opinion, it's Matt living in an unrealistic and fantastical world where unicorns breed and rainbows glow day and night, where there are no crimes, no foreign or domestics enemies, no disasters, no scarce of resources, where humans respect, protect, and help each other... Maybe Matt should think about why there is an FBI, a CIA, a DIA, a Department of Homeland Defense, a FEMA, a Police Department, terms like Martial Law, etc. He may also want to analyze other real events like hurricane Katrina, hurricane Sandy, 9/11, the Oklahoma bombing, etc, in which had happened in U.S. soil not that long ago, where tbere is a common denominator: preparness skillsets and good EDC item choices (such as a gun, med-pak, ballistic sunglasses, etc) are important for your personal and immediate safety, security, and well being, since a "24/7-Johnny-on-the-spot cop/medic/super hero with X-men super powers" is unrealistic and you will have to deal with whatever crap you have being dealt with all by yourself. Is not paranoia; it's insurance. But, Matt, if you have super powers to teleport to your parallel world, please take me... I truly want to see the unicorns!


Don Williams said...

1) Police have to learn a vast body of law and tasks because much of their work involves enforcing laws that don't involve deadly force: pulling people over for speeding, investigating theft,etc.

2) The US government has given guns to 15,000 employees of private security firms under contract to guard federal offices. The requirements are that the guard (a) has a high school diploma (b) pass a criminal background check (c) has 2 days of training (d) passes a simple shooting test

3) Re paramedics, people used to say paramedics shouldn't have access to medical equipment and drugs because they weren't "real doctors". Until it was realized that a lot of people were dying because "real doctors" were often not around.

4) A basic problem in the USA is that the Herd People want an infalliable Surrogate Daddy around to protect them at all times.