Thursday, May 9, 2013

“The Modern Survival Manual” Discount price and New Book on the Way!

 I’m happy to see that Amazon brought down the price of my book, “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” to $22.46 from the standard $24.95 price. It’s a decision made by Amazon alone so I don’t know how long it will last. If you’ve been thinking about buying it now would be the time to save some money. “The Modern Survival Manual” just reached the 200 review mark, most of them five starts out of five.

If you noticed me posting more randomly lately there’s a reason for that: I’ve been trying to wrap up my second book and make it available as soon as possible.  The title is “Bugging Out and Relocating”. Its about… well, bugging out and relocating. :-)
My first book was about surviving after an economic collapse, living with high crime, failing infrastructure and increasing government corruption. It covered a broad variety of topics that had never been addressed in a survival manual before like how to drive when there are higher carjacking risks, avoiding kidnaps and home invasions, dealing with ever increasing inflation, unemployment and sporadic civil unrest like looting and riots.  

My second book will cover what to do when you decide to escape all that, both bugging out locally due to a short or medium term emergency, or leaving for good, relocating or even bugging out abroad. It´s about the plans I had in case of having to leave in a hurry as well as the different countries I analyzed and considered. I explain what I was looking for, the criteria applied. In a way this second book is my homework. Like my first book, its what I learned through my own experience. Its not about “what I believe”, “predict” or “guess”, regarding bugging out and relocating, its what I planned and successfully executed in real life.
I’m trying to keep the book as short and to the point as possible. Given the epic (impossible would be a better word) proportion of trying to cover every country and every USA state in every detail, I instead chose to focus more on themethodology used, and only cover some of the key aspects of those locations, countries and USA states, which I consider suitable. This book will complement my first one nicely, covering that other side of preparedness: What do to when bugging in simply isn’t an option.

I still fight my natural tendency to derail and go along the tangent of this and that topic, but with a bit of luck “Bugging out and Relocating” will be available… soon. :-)



cryingfreeman said...

I wish your new book was finished and then we could finally get building some survival shelters in the mountains!

Oh, and I would really like to read your book too! Hope it's a classic like your first one!

FerFAL said...

Thank man! Me too, I like writing but its nice to get done with it too. :-)

Don Williams said...

1) My best wishes for your new book but I thought that Rawles already wrote the definitive book on how to relocate:


Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez said...

Any chance of kindle editions? said...


Your first book has been a fantastic resource for me, as I prefer to study practitioners like yourself, as opposed to theorists, whenever possible. Can't wait to read the second work once it's released.

Anonymous said...

You must be glad you got out: