Monday, April 7, 2014

Dogo Argentino Saves 2 Girls from Puma Attack

This is why I often recommend the Dogo Argentino, especially for those that live close to parks and other places where dangerous wildlife may be a factor.

It is both funny and sad to see so many ignorant comments in this youtube video. People clearly don’t know the first thing about this animal and the owners of this particular dog. The Nores, the family in the video, are the family that originally created the Dogo Argentino. They constantly hunt with their Dogos, killing wild boar and pumas. Dogos are used in packs to hunt but its not unusual that a Dogo Argentino kills a large predator one on one. I’ve written in the past about many accounts where Dogos have even killed criminals, even after getting shot and dying later because of the injuries.

Wonderful animals. I believe there are several Dogo Argentino shelters in many US States. Look around if you want the best dog a person can ever own and you have the experience of dealing with strong, working animals.

The following video shows why the Dogo Argentino is so effective when it attacks, it goes to the throat or neck and doesn’t let go (*warning*, very violent clip ) LINK


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Anonymous said...

In the link you provided to the Dogo biting the neck of a smaller dog was not proof of the Dogo's bailies. What I saw was a poorly trained Dogo owned by an ignorant woman that had no control of her dog. The Dogo was in total control and dangerous.
I have owned powerful breeds like pit bulls, South African Boerboel, Cane Corsos and a Tosa. All of my dogs were obedience trained, socialized and would never attack another dog. Good link on training