Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reply: Knife Offensive Use

Everyone wants to take a knife for granted - but once you are close, a knife is a better weapon than a gun. It's a LONG video, but when you have some time, go watch 'Surviving Edged Weapons' on YouTube. If you want to know how 5 people, (or more)can be killed FAST by 1 guy with a knife, this video will clear things up:


Thanks, a bit long but that's a good video on knife attacks.
It has some good interviews and images ( *graphic images warning*), but it is well worth watching. The lesson here would be, armed with a firearm or not, you underestimate a knife, any knife, at your own risk.


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Anonymous said...

knives/guns/flashlights but no post
about eye-protection. try using
anything after you're blinded.
Ferfal, you wear sunglasses.
are they shatter-proof?
do you have advice about which
sunglasses or goggles to wear?
and...what is best for everyday
wear when the worst is not expected.