Sunday, September 14, 2014

Making an Easy RFID Blocking Wallet

ID and data theft keeps increasing around the world. A person with a scanner hidden in a bag standing next to you can steal your passport or credit card info. Best case scenario you get a call from your bank or credit card company asking about unusual purchases you’ve been making. Worst case scenario you get your entire persona stolen and you end up having to explain that the pile of debt in your name was not accumulated by you!
You can buy commercial models, but making an RFID blocking wallet is not that difficult. Its actually pretty simple and the same principle can be applied to lining bags, purses or pouches.
You’ll need a few items which you probably have already around the house 1)Extra Heavy Duty aluminum foil, it must be at least 27 microns thick 2)wide sealing or packaging tape 3)piece of paper 4) scissors 5) wallet.

First, make a paper template of the RFID blocking shield you’ll be needing, it may go inside your wallet were your cash would go, either loose or taped to the inside. It can also go in the zipper compartment for cash if your wallet has one as shown in the video bellow.
Using the template, cut a piece of aluminum foil and place tape along both sides, sandwiching the aluminum between two layers of tape. This double layer of tape protects the fragile aluminum foil, making it much more durable to the frequent bending and movement inside the wallet. Cut so as to fit into your wallet. Voila’! Your wallet contents are now protected from unwanted RFID scanning.
Before you fully trust it, take it out and actually try out if the wallet is blocking correctly. The shield should be large enough to cover and surround the cards as much as possible for better effect and this may vary depending on the wallet model.



Steve said...

If you build a house make it green and a Faraday cage.

Anonymous said...

Rather than all the trouble with aluminum foil and paper, couldn't you just cut up a disposable aluminum tray/pan and make a little fold over sleeve where your credit cards go? Those thick aluminum pans that come with frozen lasagna, for instance. It seems it would be thicker and less prone to tearing.