Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Scotland Independence, Media Propaganda and Project Fear

What could happen if Scotland becomes an independent country? These could well be historic moments in which a new country, and potentially one of the richest ones in the world, may be formed. I believe that a free, independent Scotland would be better for Scotland, but also for England and Ireland as well. In the end, the choice will be for the Scottish to make and it is very interesting to see the different opinions.

Below is an excellent video explanation of media bias and public opinion manipulation.
I have noticed it before of course many times. You can hardly find an independent media outlet these days, but the following video explains and dissects several of the media tactics used against the Scotland Independence campaign by the “Better Together” campaign, privately called “Project Fear” among campaigners.

These media tactics are used daily and watching the following video will help you identify them better. You’ll see them being used in most TV channels in most countries depending on the agenda they have.

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