Thursday, September 22, 2016

List of Prices during the Aztec Empire

I was discussing in a forum recently about the value of precious metals during precolonial times.
As you probably know, Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency. By today’s definition of currency, it wasn’t so much an actual currency as it was a valued consumable good. Still, it is true that it was used to trade for goods and services. The list of prices in cocoa beans makes it clear that even then, gold was still pretty valuable and expensive within its economy, with half a kilo of gold only being beaten by selling ones own children.
A 1545 list of commodity prices in Tlaxcala gives an idea of the purchasing value of cacao:
1 good turkey hen=100 cacao beans
1 turkey egg=3 cacao beans
1 fully ripe avocado=1 cacao bean
large strip of pine bark for kindling = 5 cacao beans
1 large tomato=1 cacao bean
pumpkin = 4 beans
5 long narrow green chiles = 1 cacao bean
small rabbit = 30 cacao beans
0.62kg gold statue = 250 beans
ones own child sells for about 600 cacao beans.
"ordinary" person’s yearly standard of living=4800 cacao beans
Quachtli (large white cotton cloaks)=60-240 cacao beans depending on quality/size.
Quachtli (cotton cloaks) where used as currency as well, used to pay for more expensive items along with copper axe-blades, or quills full of gold dust while cocoa beans were ‘the every day small change’.
1 x dugout canoe = 1 x quachtli
100 sheets of paper = 1 x quachtli
1 x gold lip plug = 25 x quachtli
1 x warrior’s costume and shield = about 64 x quachtli
1 x feather cloak = 100 x quachtli
1 x string of jade beads = 600 x quachtli
Cocoa beans where even counterfeited, like todays currency, making fake cocoa beans with wax, dirt and other beans.
There’s just no way around it. If anyone wants to own gold and silver, you either pay dearly for it or go find it, mine it and smelt it. All of this requires considerable labour, thus the status of scarce and precious.
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Rough Carrigan said...

A crash can come in many forms. If it is of a certain speed and electronic payment is messed up but things are still otherwise orderly then cash will be king. If it is faster and there is a reset of sorts relatively quickly that immediately inflates then a large hoard of cash will be a terrible mistake.

I think people trying to prepare should have some cash but cash is vulnerable to inflation.