Friday, March 15, 2019

The Finest Combat Pistol Ever Made


Anonymous said...

How did I know that it would be something with an collector price tag with too many zero's on it, and unobtainium magazines and parts?--Ray--- The best combat handgun is one that is. Affordable. Easy to clean. Easy to get magazines and parts for. That H&K meets none of those. I suggest the 1911a1 or the SAA in .45 colt. In the US both are everywhere at reasonable prices, and parts, magazines and ammo are abundant and cheap. Don't knock that old SAA revolver ether. They have been killing things for over 150 years and are still in widespread production. Also magazine size offers no advantage of any kind. The first shot should be a kill if you plan on a long life. The fad(some say cult) of the "high capacity" pistol magazine has become a political shouting tool. It offers no real advantage in a gunfight. If you are carrying a weapon that won't put them down with the first hit you need to upgrade to a better hand gun.---Ray

Anonymous said...

If abundant parts and accessories along with ammo is the goal, which also would include durability, reliability, ease of operation, and acceptable accuracy the best choice is GLOCK! Preferably in 9mm. I can't imagine hunting for .45 Colt ammo or using a 'cowboy' single-action revolver as a 'go to' combat handgun, but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

I just sold this pistol, was hangar queen for 30 years after I shot 1 mag. The problem is noise if you want to be stealthy. The safety makes a slight noise when disengaging and the firing pin makes a click at the same time. Also, if you relax your hand, you have disarmed yourself. I agree it was a pleasure to aim with best trigger on anything but if you do not like the safety, forget it. This pistol might be best if you are just starting, have never shot a pistol, and leRn the manual of arms for the P7. I couldn’t change my style just to shoot this.