Monday, June 3, 2019

Sweden is encouraging its citizens to become preppers

Gotta love the Swedes. They don’t mess around.

So basically the concern is Russia and its military build up across the border.
The government has distributed a “prepper” manual that is actually more war and cyber-attack oriented which does make sense given the circumstances.

And, yes, before you ask, here’s the manual, its a free PDF "If Crisis or War Comes"

Anyone from Sweden? Let me know what you think.

Take care folks.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Anonymous said...

They say they’ll “never give up”. Maybe.

They talk of the populace defending and resisting but with suggestion to be armed LOL.

The Swede said...

The Swedish version of the document was actually printed and delivered to all Swedish households last year.

Since it was about 27 years since it was last distributed it raised some baffled discussions, especially from the generation and a half that grew up without reading it in the 90's. They couldn't really fathom that another country could actually attack Sweden and that the Government during the last decades had dismantled ALL civil defense and support in case of emergencies as well as most of our military defense.

Then came the Swedish forest fires last summer and it was discovered we not even had the capacity to put out our own forest fires. We no longer had one single civilian fire brigade helicopter in operation and none of our few military helicopters were outfitted to put out fires. This ended with Sweden needing to borrow almost all of the necessary resources from other countries and many fire fighters from Polish Fire Brigades also helped in extinguishing the forest fires.

This put a rather abrupt end to the arguments from the young mostly left-wing/environmental party skeptics to the brochure who have grown up in an isolated bubble were such bad things simply did not exist.

It will probably take one or two additional catastrophes of the same size in Sweden before we start prepping in the way we did in the seventies and eighties, but at least preppers are no longer frown at in the same way as just a few years ago.

Peewee said...

"They talk of the populace defending and resisting but with suggestion to be armed LOL"
Yes, because civilians armed with even assault rifles are if use against APC's and tanks. Look how much use a million AK74's in Iraq were against the US army.