Monday, August 26, 2019

63 year old man stabs 220 pound mountain lion to death while falling off a cliff.

“I wasn’t scared” said Vicente Navarrete, from Rio Negro, Argentina. “It was him or me”.

After stabbing the puma with his knife a few times to save his dog Pico, Vicente improvised a spear and went after the big cat, chased it to a cave. He stabbed the wild animal and hit it with his iron boleadoras (bolas). The animal went down but as VIcente got closer it jumped back up and attacked him. As he kept fighting the animal they both fell off a cliff. Vicente was severely wounded, bleeding in several places and his wrist was broken where the mountain lion bit him.

When the puma final bled out, he asked the animal “are you dead yet?”. Then proceeded to apply a tourniquet using his boleadoras. About 10 hours later he was finally found and rescued.

This is the picture the rescue crew took of Vicente, holding his knife. That's a big, well used knife people! No 3" wood carving neck knife? Obviously he knows nothing about bushcrafting and real survival. Some youtube expert needs to explain to this man that you dont need a big Rambo knife for real survival tasks such as making feather sticks and carving fancy bowls and spoons. 

And the dead puma.
El puma que mató el baqueano Navarrete.

That’s one tough 63 year old folks. Vicente said he usually carries a gun but this time he went to check things out without it.
It’s always the day you leave your tools behind that you end up needing them.

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Jon said...

This guy seems a bit crazy. Just leave the cat alone after it ran away. Why pick a fight with something that could have killed him. He saved his dog, why not be happy with that?

Jeff said...

Not seen John Wick yet? J/k, cat may have also been going after livestock. Easy to speculate when we don't know what we don't know. I also don't know why, when he owned a gun and was knowingly going to scout out a dangerous animal, didn't bring it along.

Anonymous said...

You seem a bit crazy. Just leave the old guy alone. Why pick a fight with someone who can kill you. You sharted, why not be happy with that?