Friday, August 23, 2019

Failed kidnapping attempt: Preparing one's Children to Defend Themselves

Hi Ferfal,
This last Saturday, my nine year old daughter decided to go for a run around the neighborhood. (We have lived here for three years and know all of our neighbors.) My wife and I allowed her to go as we believe as parents it is in the interests of our children for them to learn to be independent with guidance. We asked her to take some pepper spray with her, which she thankfully did. We have talked and practiced various safety drills, including against kidnappers.
While my daughter was rounding a corner, a man (stranger) came out of the tree line and grabbed her, pinning her arms down and covering her mouth. He began to drag her back to the trees. My daughter could not move her hands, but she immediately went to other options. She struggled without stopping. He turned her around to carry her over his shoulder, and when he did so, she kicked him in the knee, forcing him to partially drop her. She then freed her hand and sprayed him full in the face and ran away by a different route, and right by some neighbors who were blowing leaves.
We know this situation could have ended differently, but thanks to our practice and preparation, our daughter is with us and unharmed. She does not appear traumatized, in part, I believe, because she knew what to do and was confident in herself. She was able to keep her head and act.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! It is because of you and your first book that we had the spray and the idea to train our family. Your information saves lives! I hope this information can encourage/remind other parents. Thank you!
God bless!
Hello SW,
I’m so glad your daughter is safe, please send her my regards and tell her she did great!
Unfortunately these things happen more often than people assume and all we can do is prepare as well as we can.
We had another child a bit over a year ago and when my wife takes him to the park she keeps a can of Sabre Red in the stroller, both for two-legged predators but also in case of a dog attack. We sometimes focus a bit too much on guns and knives yet a can of pepper spray can be even more of a lifesaver, most of all because it can be there when you need it.
A concealed gun is great no doubt but for children, or for places or specific locations where it is not allowed OC spray can make all the difference.
What can I say, your email just made my day, knowing that I somehow played a bit of a role in keeping your child safe. Thank you!
Specifically on the topic of self-defense, I can’t emphasize enough how important OC spray is. Not only does my wife carry it in the stroller, she’s been carrying one for years in her purse. I keep one in my car’s glove compartment and there’s another big can of Sabre Red next to the house’s door in case anyone needs it. The kids know its there as well, out of sight but within easy reach just in case some gets violent at the door.
Either get it at a local store or buy it online but do get a couple. This is the size I believe is the most practical, not as small as the tiny oz ones, not as bulky as the larger can I keep by the door:

RED Pepper GEL - Police Strength with Flip Top for Safe

One last thing I’d like to mention is personal alarms. To be honest they’ve always caught my attention but I never carried one. I need to get a couple and try them out (I just ordered them, will review them soon). I do see how they would be great for children and women when attacked by a stronger person trying to submit them. Either attached to the belt loop or a cord around the neck and under the shirt, the last thing a predator wants is to drag a victim with an alarm literally sounding off attached to them. The articles and reviews I’ve seen are very positive s it may be worth considering. A pack of six costs 19.99 in amazon.
KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm, 6 Pack 140DB Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights, Emergency Safety Alarm for Women, Men, Children, Elderly
Of course, this has to go along with the right attitude and training. Kids learn and follow orders well when correctly motivated. Role play with them, grab them and have them fight back to escape. Practicing with frequency will prepare them much better if they ever need to escape an attacker for real.


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Anonymous said...

Are you aware that even pepper spray is effectively illegal in Great Britain and Germany (and probably other countries as well)?

I have never understood mentality of people enacting such laws, they are a different kind.

FerFAL said...

Yes, that's terrible. Theres no excuse for not allowing people to use a less than lethal tool for self defense that could potentially save their lives. Its disgraceful.