Thursday, August 15, 2019

Argentine Crisis 2019: 5 Things People are doing to Prepare


Anonymous said...

Bought your new book yesterday. Have your others also. It's arriving tomorrow, can't wait to read it!

shelby said...


Excellent video. I learned that Argentines are much more prepared than in 2001. And they will buy guns to protect themselves, regardless of what the idiotic government says. Self-defense is an inalienable right. Rome stood for 1000 years because:

1. No government debt
2. Crimes were prosecuted by citizens who had no limitations on their right to be armed.

There is one important factor which I think you are missing from your expectations for Argentina. I urge you to learn about Martin Armstrong’s strong dollar vortex. I have blogged extensively about this, but I do not know if you want me to put a link in the comments here. Could I have Skype talk with you? How do I exchange contact info with you?

So this strong dollar vortex is going to accelerate the decimation of Argentina starting roughly 2020/21. So it is actually a blessing that the socialists are coming back to power, because they are not going to be able to appease those idiots who voted for them. Democracy is dying because idiots are allowed to vote. China is rising because idiots are not allowed to vote. Democracy worked when idiots did not vote.

So the point of this is that the military and the police support Macri. So there will be a power vacuum of leadership after the socialists self-immolate. I think a military revolution is likely in a few years. Similar to Brazil, Argentina will turn hard right and begin spanking idiots.

Argentina appears to be much further along in the death of socialism/Marxism than the EU and the USA. The EU will collapse due to allowing idiots to vote next. Then the USA last. So Argentina should recover first. And join Asia to rise up as the West collapses into the abyss. Either that or South America stays tied at the hip to the West and does not recover for hundreds of years, which is where the EU and the USA are headed. According to Armstrong's model, the USA will have declined to a 3rd world country by 2095.

I predict you will leave Europe within a decade and move back to Argentina.