Wednesday, August 21, 2019

(Video) Killed because of his Wedding Ring

This right here is the reason why we left Argentina.

I was just talking with my wife this morning, about how we miss those get togethers with people just showing up, maybe stopping by a bakery before to grab something to have along with tea, coffee or mate. We’d stay chatting all afternoon and then why not, order a few pizzas, have dinner and stay talking with friends some more up to 2 AM. No music, no booze, just talking with friends over coffee or mate. And just as you’re saying good bye to your friends at 2AM someone says “hey, lets do an asado tomorrow” and before you know it next morning you’re driving to someone’s house or place out in the country, starting a fire and preparing an asado…which extends over to 4PM with some more coffee, tea or mate and the cycle repeats itself. That’s basically every weekend. Just hang out with friends and family.

I don’t think you have that anywhere else, that comfortable informality.

But then you have these events that are also a very real part of what life is like over there. You go pick a couple pizzas for dinner with your friends and you may as well get shot.
In this case it was Adri├ín Albanese, the owner of the pizza shop.  40 year old, shot in the head, leaving behind a wife and 4 month old son that will never know his father, a son they spent years trying to conceive and it finally happened for them. One day he gets robbed in his store. He gives up the money in the cash register, gives them everything, and just because he couldn’t manage to pull out his wedding ring because he was so nervous he gets shot in the head.

Ask yourself:
Will you be carrying concealed?
Are you sure about that little comfortable pocket gun you like so much?
How many rounds do you want to have for dealing with three very violent attackers?
You’re still going to carry with an empty chamber?
Take care folks.


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MJX said...

Here in South Florida everyday we here on the news a killing. Just yesterday a 75 year old woman was beaten and set on fire by a delivery man in her own home bringing a washer from Best Buy. She lived in a very nice neighborhood!
Says the guy was on drugs and was caught not far away in the delivery truck.
A Best Buy deliveryman allegedly doused a woman with a liquid chemical and beat her to death after installing her washer and dryer in Florida, cops said.

Jorge Luis Depre Lachazo, 21, arrived at the Boca Raton home with his co-worker to install the appliances on Monday and was eventually left alone with Evelyn Udell to explain how to use the devices, according to the Boca Raton Police Department.

The co-worker suddenly heard screams and ran inside to discover the 75-year-old Udell lying on the floor covered in blood.

Lachazo then hopped into the delivery van and fled, cops said.

Can happen anytime, anywhere and one must be aware and prepared!

Going to read you new book...glad it's out.

Anonymous said...

Horrible animals.

People who carry forget that things go bad quickly, and that many predators hunt in packs, and that stress and movement create accuracy problems and misses. 10 rounds is not always enough when you need it.