Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My best knives.... (and the knives I actually use)

I recently posted a pic of some of my knives.

A couple facones I don’t use, a big old knife I did use for some time.  A Glock knife, the one I broke the tip and fixed. There’s a few Busse knives and some I have used quite a bit and keep as my serious survival knife when going on trips. But they don’t really get used/abused around the house and a good friend of mine pointed out that those knives didn’t look used.
He’s right! The ones I use far more are these.
These are some of the ones I pick to beat around the house, cut wood for the fireplace or any other DIY I need a knife for.

The machete I cut the tip out of a Tramontina and made the handle. The small knife with a wooden grip I forged myself.


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Anonymous said...

The GAK (green SAK) with pocket clip - which model is that ? I wish my SAK had a clip like that.

A good selection of knives there. My 'nearly every day' users are not as large as those pictured and my 'kitchen knife' more often than not is an Old Hickory boning knife. I know - boring. But boring works !!

Thank you for the post and pictures.

FerFAL said...

Hi, I made the clip myself with a folded piece of metal and a screw through the hole ofr the lanyard.

Anonymous said...

A very nice job you did - it appears to be very well crafted. Thanks for replying.