Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Ideal Air Rifle for Survival (PCP with built-in Pump)


Anonymous said...

I think i would prefer a break barrel springer like the long gone Beeman C1 carbine. Something that can be carried in the woods comfortably and still have the necessary accuracy to kill vermin. I carried a scoped RWS 45 only a few times before I admitted defeat. Too much of a good thing (too long, too heavy). But in a fixed position like a backyard, perfect for sniping rodents from nearby trees, power lines and roof tops.

Even pneumatics (pump) have their place. Much lighter than springers, a single pump can power a pellet to kill mice indoors with little fear of ricochet. This will become a problem in the future.

Thank you for the video.

alex carter said...

I love love love PCP, or single or multi-pump air rifles. Even the humble Daisy 880 is great, just throw away the stock scope and put something a little bit better on it.

Spring-piston guns just plain suck.

The 880 can harvest birds, other small vermin, and even be used on chickens with careful shot placement (for that pesky extra rooster who's too wary to step into a Hav-A-Hart).