Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beware of the Fear Merchant

I’ve been posting more often lately due to the crisis in USA.
Since there’s many similarities between what you guys in America are going through now and what we went through in 2001, I felt very confident about giving advice away.

As humble as my advice may be, I’m not “supposing”, “guesstimating” or fooling around with a crystal ball or having childish delusions of what some wish would happen.

The steps I take to prepare are my own and people may find them useful or not, but what I say about my country is what actually DID happen.
So you can imagine the amount of patience I have when a person comes along and simply starts saying that what happened here didn’t happen or just insulting me for no good reason.

We can debate all day about the probability of what happened here in 2001 happening in USA, what I wont waste a minute of my time is convincing others that what happened here did in fact occur! It’s a terrible waste of time.

But this particular person, just kept running around the internet and talking crap about everything I posted, or whenever someone reposted something I wrote.

He insisted on insulting me, trying to make me look bad, saying that cities will burn down and that people should move away from them. The hordes of looters will be upon you, beware! Run, run in fear for your lives! :)

At first I thought it was quite amusing, just a doom and gloom follower.

But it surprised me to see how much he insisted on it, this guy was really pissed that I was telling people that quitting your job and moving to the sticks to try live off the land was not a smart move during an economy crisis.

Not pulling that out of a hat or anything, just what I learned from watching most small producers in my country go broke, and not only that, but worrying 24/7 about thieves stealing their crops and also very violent robberies taking place.

Only medium and large scale farms seem to be getting by, and even those have many problems with crime and a gov. that screws them with outrageous taxes whenever they can.
I think it’s the responsible thing to do to say “Look guys, this is what happened here, it could happen to you too. Take the necessary measures just in case”.

But this guy. Why was he behaving like a dog with a bone, trying like a nutcase to make me look bad, to prove wrong not only what I was saying ( everyone has an opinion ) but most ridiculous of all trying to deny what actually happened and what an entire country went through?

Oh, the answer came soon enough with a little google search..:)

This has a business , sells survival food, night vision devices and other prep items…

As he happily said to me in one of his rant, he owns a business that “thrives” during crisis.

Now things started to make more sense! ;)

With my honest adivce, this nut seems to believe I hurt his business!
That's why he was so pissed at me.

Not only does he run that business ( perfectly ok) but he wants to put fear into people’s hearts so he can make more money out of it. And that is not OK.

This guy was simply full of joy that some poor people were panicking and buying from him.

“Dont spread commn sense. Spread fear so I can make a buck” should have been his honest reply to me instead of all that nonsense about cities burning, food disappearing from the face of the earth and leather jacketed clad looters taking over the planet.

Responsible people in the survival and preparedness business have advised their readers to remain calm, take a few prep steps if they are just opening their eyes to this but not to go nuts about it and run to the hills.
Responsible people in the business have never dared to say when the world would end, or even how it would go down.

We all have opinions, some things are more probable than others, and we can discuss them all day. But when you just can’t tolerate a different opinion, and when you want to make money out of people’s fear, you are showing you true colors. Petty colors.

Most people I know of in the survival and prep business are honest guys like you and me. They sell books and gear but are the first ones to tell people not to panic, that for crying out loud, the world is not going to end.

But with a crisis being more obvious, expect a lot of opportunists like this guy.

Some are just now seeing this as a way to make money, others have been around wishing for some disaster to occur for decades, which in my opinion makes them even more pathetic.

Beware of the doom and gloom preachers, but even more so, be ware of the fear merchant looking to make money out of people’s desperation they themselves promote.

People like this, they insist money wont be worth a damn when the end of the world comes, but today they’ll gladly accept Paypal or Mastercard! :)



Sam said...

Masterful common sense. Thank you FerFal.

Anonymous said...

Terrific post, FerFal. I'm finding your blog to be a pragmatic, informative, and helpful counterpoint to many of the 'survivalist' zombie-fantasy content out there. Thanks & stay safe!

Anonymous said...

That has been a problem with the internet for a decade. One or two posters just screw it for everyone. I cannot tell you how many intelligent and knowledgable people I know that have just given up posting because of guys like that. At some point you just decide that you have better things to do than deal with some nut.

daddynewton said...

thx ferfal i really enjoy your blog. i like knowing realities of your life compared to others speculation

Anonymous said...

If you look at the poorest, most desperate countries (Haiti for example), there are still cities, people still have jobs, and money still works. Thanks Ferfal for speaking from the voice of experience and letting us know what HAS HAPPENED in Argentina during an extreme economic collapse. Every country is different, and the US will probably not fail in exactly the same ways, but I am sure that there will be enough similarities that your information will be a great help to a lot of people. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I would rather listen to someone who has actually walked through the valley of shadow of death then some sneaky no good POS. I will never buy from some ass like that. JHR is on my no go list...
Thanks for your info!

Anonymous said...


I greatly value your experience in Argentina. Since you have traveled in the U.S., I would like to know what you think will be the impact of our relative lack of corruption, at least at local levels, to what we may face in our coming economic crisis. Perhaps a separate post on the subject, if you have time?

Anonymous said...

The one thing I fear about a collapse in the U.S. is our large population of folks who have been conditioned to do absolutely nothing for themselves, living off the Uncle Sugar welfare programs. When the check stops coming, the heat / electricity and water get shut down.

Then its all bets off - there will be panic in the streets, and I expect some riots and arson to occur. Authority will respond with heavy hand, and I don't expect anyone from being immune.

I do agree though that city people will probably stay in the city as long as they can. Very few citizens can stay outside after dark feeling comfortable, especially without lights. Fear of the dark - that is something which needs to be conquored if you intend to live in the rurals.

Excellent post - I appreciate reading your blog very much.


Ryan said...

I had some discussions with someone who has a store and a blog once. I have a hard time believing someone who says 'this is the best thing because....' when they make a living by selling that stuff. Like all of the gold commercials on tv which talk about how essential it is. Those folks make a living by selling the stuff. Conflict of interest much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tremendous insight in all yours posts.

Unknown said...

Besides people trying to profit financially, I have noticed some survivalists are at the bottom of the economic and social hierarchy. Some of these people are really hoping that a "shtf" situation will change that. Guys who are nobody right now hope that after a social collapse they will be able to become a somebody. They get angry because you are saying their fantasies aren't going to come true.

Anonymous said...

Well this is kinda interesting seeing as that fellow spent $15,000. dollars of his own money GIVING away survival information for 2 years on shortwave. And has authored almost 30 videos on youtube and survival sites teaching people how to pack there OWN FOOD (amongst other things), thereby cutting survival companies out of the loop (in other words taking money out of his OWN pocket). Someone who was "in it for the money" wouldn't be teaching people how to pack there own food and other important subjects. Bringing SLANDER to your blog only ups the ante considerably and was NOT a smart move, pal. Debating preparedness theories is one thing, YOU took it to the level of slander. Sow the wind you'll reap the whirlwind my friend.

This is where you reply with any number of your troll accounts telling me I'm wrong and "ferfal is great." Go for it, I'm sure no one has figured you out yet.

Has ANYONE in the U.S. actually MET you? Egg Zach Lee.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog Ferfal, thanks for sharing... it gives food for thought especially in light of the current financial events. Keep up the good work and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

great blog ferfal

Anonymous said...

Sorry you got to deal with a fear monger, FerFAL. As I am looking out of the window, the sky is still blue and the grass is still green.
I "lost" some money in stocks due to the decline in value but the value will recover as it did on other occasions. Meanwhile I´ll be investing more in those now cheap stocks .....
Fact is we don´t know what the future will bring and we should not live in fear every day. Heck, it is still a good life.
As a non-American (European) the American way to prep is looking like another spending spree to me at times. No foul intended, guys! Prepping is good but it only can be part of our life.

Keep up the good work, FerFAL.


FerFAL said...

It's a free world Amy:)

You can read what I write if you find it useful, you can post your opinions which are much appreciated.

"What works in one country may not work in another.
Of course, never said otherwise.
I wirte , but people have to come to their own conclusions.;)


Anonymous said...

This is where you reply with any number of your troll accounts telling me I'm wrong and "ferfal is great." Go for it, I'm sure no one has figured you out yet.

Has ANYONE in the U.S. actually MET you? Egg Zach Lee."

This has to be the funniest thing I've read all day. LD3 accusing someone else of doing the very thing he is doing at that very moment. Crazy. Not to surprising from a cult member tho. Here they do that sort of thing all the time.

Oh, and the Egg Zach Lee line has to be one of the most childish things on the web.

LD3, thanks for posting this blog address on your whine thread at frugals, without it I wouldn't have found the continuing works of someone who's been there and done that.

Ferfal, keep up the good work. As always I find what you have to say useful and in this case timely too. Hope we don't go down the same road as your country but it looks more and more like a done deal.

FerFAL said...

Thanks Dan ;)
Lets see how things unfold regarding the economy.
I think the elections will bring a bit more peace, at least for a while.

We'll have to wait and see.

Glad to have you here. ;)


Anonymous said...

No porblemo ferfal,if i ever travel down that way can i give you a reach around?

FerFAL said...

Depends on what you mean by "reach aorund" but sure we can go get a cup of coffee.:)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, I see that a good christian from frugals couldn't help themselves and had to post about their homosexual fantasies using my name. Glad to see I struck a nerve with the bigot ld3.

Hey ld3, keep it up. I'm laughing my ass off at your whine thread over there.

Ferfal, sorry about sidetracking your blog. Not going to SA anytime soon but if I did I would make it a point to let you know.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FerFAL said...

I'd appreciate if the cowards from Frugal's that have nothing better to do than to post spam and insults here, would stop doing it.
You are just keeping this issue up longer than necesary.


Anonymous said...

I've read and enjoyed your posts and SHTF insights for years Ferfal.
It's great that you've got this blog here now for us to enjoy.
Regrettably, I've often seen the snide remarks LD3 has cast your way on other forums; he seems to have self-esteem problems and is jealous of your real-world experience.
Fear merchant , indeed.
I wish this would get resolved though; it does the survivalist community no good.
(sorry to post as anonymous, I can't get the name thing to work)

FerFAL said...

Dont worry "Anonymous", I appreciate your support anyway;)

To the fools that post insults: Of course I'm going to earase them, only an idiot would expect otherwise.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FerFAL said...

No Rjah, I just delete ridiculous rants like yours, if you have real questions, as away like a grown up, if not, go back to your little hole and keep playing follow the cult leader.


Unknown said...

You might wanna look at the wikipedia article on "Millenarianism".

Survivalists who think that there'll be a complete breakdown in society are in fact, the modern (semi-secular) version of millenarian cults.

It's the refuge of the disenfranchised. As someone pointed out before, it seems that that sort of 'survivalist' is usually from the lower ranks of the socio-economic ladder.

Douglas Coupland said something about (paraphrasing) "sitting in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, stockpiling canned foods and rifles and ammo - is there any better way to scream "my life didn't turn out the way I wanted!"?

You notice too, amongst those who feel that "the cities will be deatht traps, they'll be burning and rioting", you dig a little deeper, and it seems like what they really have a problem with is "the wrong type of people" live in cities. Too many liberals/gays/non-whites/etc seems to be the sentiment lurking just beneath the surface.

If there wasn't a total breakdown in Argentina, Lebanon, the west bank/gaza strip, Columbia, Hati, South Africa, or Zimbabwe, it's not gonna happen.