Friday, October 24, 2008

The crisis and the loss of freedom

The news about our government taking over our privately owned pension funds reminded me of something I meant to write about for a while now, and its something Americans know well.
I’m talking about freedom here.

We, as South Americans with a totalitarian government that considers Fidel and Chaves buddies, are loosing our freedoms at high speed.

Freedom of speech has suffered greatly, specially after Mr. Kirchner handed over the presidency to his wife.

Reporters are simply afraid to say or write the truth, with only one news channel making some weak attempts to speak up.

They are threatened with censorship based on a newly created institution, the “Observatorio de Discriminación en los Medios”, something that translates into the “Media Discrimination Observatory”.
BS aside and cutting to the chase, if the govt. doesn't like what a person, tv channel or paper says, it gets censored by this institution, claiming that such remarks are “discriminatory” .

As usual, fear is one of a governments greatest tool. Put enough fear into people and they’ll do or approve anything.

Just look at what happened now with the 700 billion rescue.
Why was it finally approved? Because, as GWB said(speach on CNN), the alternative would be far worse.
People believe this and are willing to sacrifice a bit more in order to avoid greater damage.

When Obama becomes president, how much freedom will you be willing to give up to him, in order to supposedly avoid greater damage?
Because of what happened in 2001, we gave our president “super powers” in order to help get us through the crisis. It gave him, among other things, a certain margin to work independently without the approval of congress on certain cases. Supposedly this is an emergency, desperate measure and the president will willingly give up his superpowers when there’s no need for them any more.
Seven years later and the current president still holds these "super powers", and isn’t even considering giving them up.

Among the many measures taken by our government, one of the most aggressive and bold was it’s anti gun campaign.
The project shamelessly accepts that the mission is to reduce the amount of weapons among the population, and ultimately ban, destroy or confiscate any gun civilians may own.

Be very aware guys, to these subtle and sometimes not so subtle losses of civil rights.



Anonymous said...

Ferfal, I sometimes think I am seeing the worlds future through your eyes.

Many thanks for sharing.


George Donnelly said...

Well said. When I saw the news about Kirchner nationalizing the pension funds I groaned.

What a stupid move. And just because there is a market downturn?

Pensions are much more vulnerable when managed by governments, if not to shortfalls then to inflation.

FerFAL said...

Thanks Veuts, I'll post as often as I can but sometimes there's not much time.:)

George, it's not that stupid for them, they are down right STEALING 30 BILLION USD from the people with this move.

In the long run? I thik it's stupid too becuase they are milking the cow so hard, they are about to kill it, and even bunnies try to fight back when they are about to die.

The other day at the University (UBA ), I saw peopel opnely discussing on the hallways about violnet revolution against the govt.
They 've always been around but they've grown in numbers alot lately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal, as a response to one of my questions you said, you wouldn't invest in argentinian companies. I found an interesting argentinian stock: TRANSPORTADORA DE GAS

It seems to be really cheap, their website seems to be really good.

Do you hear any rumour of nationalisation of companies?
I would love to read your opinion, as I am getting ready to buy some of these shares in the future.

I get the impression that argentinian companies are really good and professional in contrast to the general impression.

FerFAL said...

Argentina is considered by financial companies to be a "High risk" investment country.
Some financial companeis consider it equal to Iraq in terms of investment risk.

You can make money, but the risk you take is high, too high in my opinon.

Of course, any company can be nationalized here any minute, it happened to those that invested in Aerolineas Argentias a few months ago.

If its part of your high risk portfolio, do what you think is best, just know it's not a safe investment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal, thanks for your comment. I did not know that aerolineas had been nationalized.
Do you expect a change of government?

Counter-Jihadist said...

Very informative, as usual Ferfal.

Do you see a time, Ferfal, in the not too distant future, where your fellow countrymen, faced with an increasingly tyrannical government, will take to the streets, and this time, do more than bang pots?

Anonymous said...

Always appreciate your observations and taking the time to post them but do you ever wonder/worry that your online popularity in certain circles might come to the notice of your ODM and make them look for the originator of "slanderous and inflammatory discrimination"? Be careful, man.

Anonymous said...

This is awsome. It's so true and yes be careful too.