Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hi guys and girls, been a while.
There’s some questions others would find interesting.
Others are a bit more personal, so if you asked something and can’t find it here, please check the “comments” where they were made. :)


Hey. And what kind of rings or chains should one buy? Any more specific info would be appreciated. Thanks again.
George Donnelly

Plain gold wedding bands, with no artistic value, simple chains, broken jewelry is generally sold as junk gold too.
Don’t go nuts, but try finding a bit of junk gold, jewelry that would otherwise be melted.

Hi, I would be very grateful, if you could answer my questions, it is so nice to read from someone in southamerica.

I have an advice, you may reject: you should teach your son (I read you try not to show him too much crimes) how to shoot, to disassemble and reassemble a weapon, how to load.

It does not matter how young he is, it could once save your life.
Boys usually love to shoot guns.

He’s a bit young but yes, I’ll teach him how to shoot when he’s old enough. ( he’s six right now)
I got him started with my air rifle. Eventually he’ll start shooting 22 LR I suppose.

Ferfal, you mention that gold and gold coins were good investments but you never did mention silver.
How did silver and silver coins do, as these are easier to trade and sell?
What other investments did well or poorly? land? fine art? collectibles? stocks? bonds?
Thank you for your input.
-Great stuff. Thanks a ton

In my experience, people consider gold to be “the” precious metal.

I wouldn’t doubt to buy mint silver coins, but only if you are thinking of selling them when needed to serious precious metal brokers.

On the streets, in most currency houses, and jewelry shops with signs that simply read “ I buy gold”, they just deal with gold.
They don’t buy silver.

Silver has replaced gold almost completely for everyday jewelry, since gold became so expensive it just makes you a sure crime victim.

Other than that, yes, real estate is a way to protect you money, (and generates profit too)

Hi Ferfal, wouldn't Argentina be a wonderful place to invest? The low Peso combined with cheap labour sounds very attractive even so one would need more security than in Europe.

Actually this might be the way out of the misery, this way the devalued Peso would constitute a big advantage.

Sounds good but then you have other problems, like legal instability, a lot of corruption, strikes, workers associations, and enough bribes to keep you busy all day.

Thank you for your post. I am waking up FAST. I can't buy a gun soon enough, and I am going to train my 8 year old too shoot it. I am wondering what is Argentina like now? I have looked at all the data that I kind find and I see that the unemployment is about 6%. The job market is tight but it seems like you are pulling yourselves out of the hole.

Thank you for all of your advice, I am going to continue preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

6% is a bit too low. I’m sure it’s more like 12-15 % or so.
Right now in Argentina?
Crime is even a greater problem than before, and infaltion makes things very dificult. Other than that and a few other things,it's just life like always here.
The way the gov. lies and censors or bans TV programs and media that dont favor them, makes it very difficult to come with a true diagnose.

Edited to add:
On a more personal note, my wife is having our baby today, Friday (cesarean section). So I’ll be gone this weekend.
Even though things couldn’t look any better, we’d appreciate a small prayer just in case. :)
Thanks guys, and see you all later.
Take care



Anonymous said...

IPSC seems a good shooting training. In IPSC you move while shooting.


Anonymous said...

we're saying a prayer for you and your family. i hope its the most beautiful baby ever.

Anonymous said...

I hope your wife and newborn will be alright!

It is a girl or boy :D !?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby! We'll send a little prayer for all of you.

Arminius said...

I will say a prayer for your family. These are other good aids to survival -- faith and prayer.

Congratulations on the addition to your family Ferfal.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck and congratulations, brother! We're expecting our #2 in about 5 weeks so I can sympathize. We'll be thinking of you and your family.

Jay21 said...

Congratulations, a new freedom fighter enters the world. May you and your family be blessed in payment of your valor and honesty.

ReverendFranz said...

Congratulations, and thanks for all your help.

Anonymous said...

God bless and good luck. We just had one a few months ago; our prayers are with you. I very much enjoy your blog, and when you get some time (late night feeding, maybe) I'd really like to read a thorough post of your thoughts about specific issues that parents face in a situation like the collapse in Argentina. Oh, and in light of the baptism--are there any specific issues with the Church in a collapse? Attendance up, down, crimes against parishioners en route or against the clergy, etc.?


Anonymous said...

Ferfal, hopefully your child will become a successfull and disciplined citizen.

I wonder about something: I cannot imagine that you make your everyday purchases with the help of gold rings and gold chains - after some time you would not have any.
Do you make your daily purchases with pesos?

A second question: Do you invest money for retirement? How do you do that? Do you choose stocks, gold, real estate?

Anonymous said...

All the best with the new baby!

Regarding the video:
To me they dont look much different than european soccer games with british or italian fans involved.
Dont get me wrong - i am not mocking but i am saying i dont see anything special in this video.

Esp. in an engineered economic downturn with the goal to make people poor - once they are poor the game is over and nothing is going to get their wealth back.

Not as long as people cry for jobs.
As long as people wish to have a job they have not yet learned to be responsible for themselfs.

Compare this with a horde of sheep protesting against the crap food they are getting - they demand better rations.....but the sheep do not question their their human masters at all, even less break the fence and run off into the wilderness.

skymetalsmith said...

Godspeed FerFal. May your wife and new baby and your whole family be blessed and safe.

FerFAL said...

Hi everyone, just stoped to grab some things and I'm going back to the hospital.
Just wanted to say thanks and that the baby and my wife are both fine.:)


Anonymous said...

How much money does the cesarean section cost and who pays it? Any insurance?
Could you tell us something about the quality of the hospitals?
Do the doctors require tips?

How are the laws regarding divorce in your country? Could your wife divorce you and take money, house, car, and children away and claim alimony, like it is so common in the US and Europe/UK?

I would be grateful, if you could answer some of these important questions.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations FerFal!

Boy or girl this time :D !!?

Anonymous said...

Hi ferfal, on this site I found some argentinian ADRs. Would YOU invest in such argentinian companies? Or are there too many problems?
In time of crisis stocks are cheap.


Anonymous said...

You mentioned in an earlier post that one of the things you would have done differently if you had to re-live 2001 again was to buy more ammo for your guns. Can you tell me why? Was is to fire shots into the air or ground to scare people away from your property or to actually shoot at people?

Anonymous said...

I hope the Best for you and your familly. I'd read your blog and your posts on fruggal since the begining, it's the first time I write to you(cause my bad english writing)but this one I must congratulate you (and your wife,of course)to have the strong to educate kids in this environement. I live in Europe and I thank'you for you good advice, maybe will be very usefull in a close future. Take care and be the life as cool as possible with you and yours. FRED

Anonymous said...

Hi FerFal!

Thanks for your advices. I think it will be very useful, if you talk about the direct signs of the SHTF, before 1-5-10-20 days about the beginning of the crisis.
Thank you for your help against!

almale - middle europe

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, you could hvae made a lot of money with argentinian stocks between 2002 and 2008.

The stock market is in better shape than before the crisis!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal,
could you tell me your opinion aout these news:

"Argentine stocks dropped on Monday as bank shares plunged on reports that the government will move to take over $28.7 billion in private pension plans run by banks and insurance companies."


Anonymous said...

Posted in the wrong place before.

Congrats on the baby!

I found a link to your blog and just read the entire thing (I had read some of your materials before). Thanks for all of the effort.

I am an attorney in Dallas, Texas and I am quite concerned with the future of the economy in the U.S. My primary investment theme the past few years has been shorting the stock market, betting on the collapse of the housing and credit markets. While I have done well, I am now starting to worry that the collapse is going to be a bit more extensive than I originally thought. Having a lot of money in a society that is collapsing is not as good as having less money in a stable society. Also, if the U.S. goes down, where can we go?

Anyway, I enjoy your blog and will be sure to come back and see what you think as the credit crisis unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferfal, could you describe the situation outside of Buenos Aires?

These people claim that there is no danger where they are living (in San Rafael near the Andes).

They say I am a fool, because I warned them and told them of your blog and advised them to buy ammo and guns.

They are German emigrants.

Maybe Buenos Aires is just an exception?

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, is it true that the private pension funds are in danger in Argentina? If so, does it affect you?


"Argentina's planned seizure of $29 billion of private pension funds stoked concern the nation is headed for its second default in a decade.
The last time the government sought to tap workers' savings to help finance debt payments was in 2001, just before it stopped servicing $95 billion of obligations."

FerFAL said...

"Hi Ferfal, could you describe the situation outside of Buenos Aires?

These people claim that there is no danger where they are living (in San Rafael near the Andes).

They say I am a fool, because I warned them and told them of your blog and advised them to buy ammo and guns.

They are German emigrants.

Maybe Buenos Aires is just an exception?"

We are living hard times, and its getting worse.
Tell your friends to turn on the TV, the mayor of San Isidro just declared a state of emergency in his district, and just 5 minutes ago publicly said that he had to “shamefully accepted his inability to control the crime wave”, due to a series of incidents, robberies and murders these last couple of days.

It is true that in this country we have places that are isolated like nothing you’d see in USA. Just try checking out a night map (lights) and compare our to USA. You’ll notice the difference.

But still, most people I know that live in the provinces have the good sense to carry a firearm. Many have 22LR handguns and rifles, or a 22 handgun or 38 and some kind of shotgun.

Of course there are exceptions and these German immigrants you speak of seem to be among them, though they are most often found in cities, where people are more “sheeply”.

People that see life through pink colored glasses?
We have lots of those here, don’t you fin them up there in USA too?
I know of people that live in Cuba and say its the safest, best country in the world, and people in some of the worst Brazilian “fabelas” say they wouldn’t live anywhere else: I’m sure you’d find similar people in Africa and middle east.
Some places are worse than others, but there’s no real safe place any more in this country, just people that happen to believe so.

Guys, I'll try to answer all questiosn as time allows.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! That's wonderful news. Boy or girl?

I saw this news story and thought of you:


Argentina government seeks control of pension fund
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner late Tuesday signed a proposal that will nationalize Argentina's private pension funds. The proposal will allow the government to take over 10 funds that manage about $29.3 billion.

Argentina is a key exporter of commodities like soybeans and wheat, and recent declines in commodity prices have pinched the country's revenue stream. Some analysts see the move as an effort by Kirchner to get access to cash before the country faces $20 billion in debt obligations next year. In 2001, Argentina defaulted on $95 billion in bonds, and the country has not had access to the international debt markets since.

Argentina's Merval stock index fell 11% in Tuesday's session.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, the SHTF a second time.

``They're taking people's pensions away and using that to fund the government,'' said David Bessey, who manages more than $8 billion of emerging-market debt in Newark, New Jersey, for Prudential Financial Inc. ``It's yet another unorthodox approach to trying to deal with the country's economic situation rather than taking the bitter medicine.''

``Tapping into the pension funds makes it blatantly obvious that it needs funds,'' said Aryam Vazquez, an emerging markets economist with Wells Fargo & Co. in New York. ``This is bad news any way you look at it.''

Seven years ago, as the government tried in vain to stave off a debt default, it pressured the pension funds to participate in bond swaps that pushed forward repayment dates. Strapped for cash to pay salaries, it ordered the funds to transfer $3.2 billion in bank deposits to state-owned Banco de la Nacion.

The latest move is ``much, much worse ,'' said Paul McNamara, who helps manage $1.2 billion of emerging-market assets at Augustus Asset Managers Ltd. in London. ``It's not just shoving a little bit of debt in at the edge, it's taking over the whole system.''

Ferfal, are you so silent because of the joy over your new child or the shock that your pension is gone? :)
One can find humor everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Ferfal -- Congratulations on the next family addition!


FerFAL said...

"Anonymous said...

Ferfal, hopefully your child will become a successfull and disciplined citizen.

I wonder about something: I cannot imagine that you make your everyday purchases with the help of gold rings and gold chains - after some time you would not have any.
Do you make your daily purchases with pesos?

A second question: Do you invest money for retirement? How do you do that? Do you choose stocks, gold, real estate?

Of course not, I use pesos and dollars. Rings, chains, etc are what I see getting used and sold the most by others that run out of money, steal it, or whatever.
Not investing much these days. Just trying to get by. But I'd invest in real estate if I could. ;)