Monday, October 6, 2008

Lentil recipes

We ended up talking about these at Minon Report.

Here’s how I prepare them.

One cup of lentils makes for three nicely full servings, at least for us.

As mentioned on the wiki link, I use green or brown lentils becuase they have more nutrients.

Even though it’s not really necessary, I leave them on water overnight, it’s surprising the amount of water they’ll soak up.

I change the water and wash them a bit, put more clean water and put it on the stove, with one of those little “soup cubes” to add taste, don’t know the name but you probably know what I mean.
As it boils, I add a couple average size potatoes, cut as round, rather thick chips.

By now, I also add a bit of salt, and a little bit of sunflower/corn/other oil( two spoons or so)
After half an hour or so I remove a bit of water, so as to get a more thick/chunky texture in the end.
I add tomato sauce, about half a can/foil.
Remember to stir constantly, or else you’ll burn the stuff in the bottom. You want to keep your fire at low. ( Fire, we use natural gas here)
Now you can cut up into cubes a portion of beef or two. Sometimes I use leftovers from the previous day. I’ve used chicken too. Try other meats or sausage if you like. I like meat better and throw in the blood if there’s some left in the package, adds more taste, gives it a better color, and your not throwing away any protein.

I like this part because you can not only scrounge leftovers, but also cut small pieces of meat from a carcass, you’d otherwise throw away.
As long as you cut it small enough it will cook very well, no danger of the meat being left raw on the inside.

I add a bit of white pepper, keep on stirring for a 20 minutes more or so.
Tip: if the texture is too soupy, to watery, you can add just a bit of dehydrated smashed potatoes to absorb the liquids. Careful not to put too much in it or you’ll have to add water.

By now the mix looks dark brown, as you stir you notice it is pretty thick. The lentils are soft and the meat is well cooked.

Serve and eat up! Pushing the food around the plate with a piece of bread.

The recipe is pretty flexible. The key ingredients are soaking the lentils overnight, the tomato sauce for taste, and some sort of meat ( the more bloody the better) and maybe a potato or two for a little extra.

Check out the post for more recipes.



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