Thursday, November 26, 2009


Remember those welfare leaches, excuses of people that only live to glue themselves to the government, sucking out money out of hard working taxpayer?
Well, piqueteros are somewhat similar, but worse. They are your average welfare bum on steroids.

The piqueteros aren’t just lazy, violent roadblockers, most are also financed by the government as well.
You see, when a government with a socialist speech deals with this human scum, they soon see an opportunity.
Instead of kicking them into a jail cell like they should when they break the law by blocking public roads or looting, the government pays them to have them in their pocket.

These gov. financed thugs will show up during opposing politic rallies and cause trouble, beat up people. During official rallies and marches, these thugs show up in buses along with the people they round up in each municipal region, in villas and shanty towns, to support the official government.

Face usually covered for harder ID. Armed usually with large clubs, pipes, rocks and slingshots. Some are obviously armed with firearms and knives, but these are the “ok” weapons, the ones they carry openly and use to beat people up.
Very violent and very dangerous given that whatever they do, they are not to be arrested.
Of course if you shoot one of these you go to jail.

Today driving back home I got caught by one of these groups, something I’m usually good at avoiding.
I can’t express the frustration you feel as you move a slower than a snail on a main avenue and you see these… people… standing there, blocking your way.
As I got near to them, a police officer took a few steps forward.
I told him “ Come on man, shoot some plastic buckshot into their butts and get them out of there, this is ridiculous”. I was a bit mad to say the least.
“Yes, we have to be here baby sitting, roasting under the sun sweating like pigs while these “&%$%” block the avenue. Nothing we can do, our orders are to redirect traffic and let them roadblock. Hey, if it makes you feel better, they are getting paid 600 pesos a month each”.
The cop was a nice guy, he told another officer in a patrol car to move and opened a side street for me to speed away. Not exactly fair for the thousands of others in the same situation but I was still thankful, gave him a thumbs up as I speed away.
Later, when at home I watched the news: Apparently other piquetero groups have been busy today.
A group of piqueteros that aren’t with the government took over a supermarket demanding food like in the old days. At least this time they where arrested. Of course tonight they are all free and giving interviews on the TV like heroes.
That’s the problems with thugs like piqueteros; if you allow some of them to break the law then others do the same and you can’t arrest the one’s that aren’t on the payroll for doing the same thing the official ones do. If you name a piquetero like Luis Delia, Secretary of Land and Development, a man that took over a police department and looted it, then what do you expect?
You are rewarding criminal activity directly, so the kind of violence and crime we have here isn’t a mystery, it’s officially promoted!
Yesterday another teacher got murdered while opening her garage door at 8 PM. She didn’t say anything, they just shot her in the back to steal her car.
So that’s the way we live people, that’s what we got used to in this wonderful country of ours.



Loquisimo said...

NOW I understand what Obama plans to do with all the welfare leeches who voted for him! Start up a "welfare to work" program, only their "job" is to harass people. Straight out of Hugo's playbook. Evo Morales has used mobs exclusively to destroy Bolivia's government and make himself dictator. Got a problem, haul out the rent-a-mob and sic them on the people trying to preserve democracy.

FerFAL said...

You know Loquisimo, I think that O may of course not use them in such a brute, blunt way, but he sure will use the government job and handouts to his favor in a bit more subtle ways.
Paying people to beat up the opposition may be a bit too much for USA, but there are other methods.


Michael said...

This actually sounds pretty similar (albeit, to a much greater degree) to what's been happening with the healthcare situation in America. Protestors would show up at Town Halls (locals) while groups like ACORN would bus in the government protestors and union thugs. Said union thugs would intimidate, threaten and sometimes beat up the locals. It's not that severe in America yet, but it's slowly getting there.

And thanks, FerFAL, for writing this blog and your book. It really helps to have a concrete idea of how terrible situations like the one in Argentina, and the one that will probably soon follow in the U.S., look.

Bones said...

Dude, get out of there. As long as the government is inclined to actively encourage this kind of crap things have absolutely no chance to improve.

Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde said...

same situation in Nicaragua, the Danielista thugs (supposedly "students") are allowed to bring morteros (very dangerous mortar-type weapons) to block opposition marches and such...

of course they aren't students at all and they are getting more and more brazen in being the real controlling force on the streets...bad situation

Buzz Kimball said...

in the USA these are called "malingerers" and yes quite a few professional criminals end up on the dole...

of course, they'll exploit anyone, either the state or honest citizens, for fun and profit.

and, of course, the cops will do the same knee banging for free and nary a criticism will be heard in the corporat puppet press.

i don't think thuggery is a monopoly of the left, after all, all those death squads financed in the name of THE WAR ON DRUGS, seem more intent on trafficing themselves when they weren't out assassinating labor organizers.

in case anyone is interesting, many of the US inner cities and ghettos aren't much different than the current situation in mexico.

as to the "welfare" situation in the US... so much of the public purse goes to drugs and useless health care for the old geezers "who earned it", but voted for spending much more than they ever paid into the system. hundreds of thousands to 'educate' each little 'precious fatty' hopped up on ritalin and who never learn to actually read or count... and then they get government loans for more hundreds of thousands more to attend the university....

amerikan's are a bunch of fat deluded spoiled fuckheads. "the government ain't spending enough to educate my child", "their wasting money on the poor", "the illegals are ruining the schools and filling up the hospitals..." maybe rescue a few more corrupt big corporations so you won't lose your job instead?

sorry, puppets, the rich ruling class are eating you alive.

ho hum.......... anyway, 'god helps those that help themselves'; if you sit around always blaming others, your never gonna be able to think your way clear to do something about taking care of yourself and your needs.

Anonymous said...

Paying people to beat up the opposition may be a bit too much for USA, - maybe so, but the USA has a rich history of doing just that. Especially during the last depression.
We have red barret wearing thugs patrolling parts of our town now, wonder how they'll act once unemployed without unemployment benifits after awhile.

Anonymous said...

What town are you in?

Anonymous said...

He lives in Washington DC, which is why the blog is all about Obama now.

John Q. Galt said...

LOL, ACORN Obamaites.

Double Tapper said...

This is the future of the USA if we do not reclaim our country...

Anonymous said...

In france the situation is degrading towards this

They don't pay piqueteros, but they give them access to state subsidized, very low rent flats