Thursday, November 5, 2009

Re:"Re:More on A-flu in Argentina and face masks"

Bones said...

This guy is doing SO many things wrong it's not even funny. The only thing he got right is about the masks & humidifier. Colloidal silver kit? A fool was just parted from his money. Steroids for treating a virus? You NEED your immune system active, not suppressed - that's a recipe for a quick death. Rice yeast? Gonna bake rice bread?

People, listening to alternative therapy crackpots can kill you. These people usually have something to sell you and they don't care if you live or die so long as they get your cash. If they're not selling you something they're probably internet attention hounds out to inflate their own egos.

There is no secret worldwide conspiracy to keep you sick. Drug companies are not paying off every doctor in the world. Remember that three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Find a doctor you like and follow their advice. It's what they're trained to do.

If you're really worried, wear a mask, use hand sanitizer liberally and remember that everything you touch can harbor virus. Basic hygiene goes a long way. Other than that, just make sure you eat right and get enough rest so your body is prepared & ready.

And find a nice hobby to keep from obsessing about the flu.

Thanks Bones. Some good advice there for everyone guys.
These magic solutions are often linked to someone selling them (pure coincidence, of course)
People, stick to conventinal medicine, specially in these cases.
Dont fall for some mumbojumbo getting sold just to make a quick buck. Dont take risks regarding your health and the health of your family.



Chief Instructor said...

This is becoming so "Y2K-ish". People look for a magic solution instead of using their heads.

As noted, washing your hands often goes a very long way. If you're caring for a sick person, do so more often.

Gargling with salt water or doing a salt water mist up the nostrils do amazing things to keep you healthy or less the time you're sick.

Loquisimo said...

Instructor, American drugstores actually sell a salt water nasal spray, or at least they did for a while, under the name Simply Saline. Leave it to American capitalism to make a profit off salt water! While not a cure all, Vitamin C helps fight respiratory and sinus infections, and Vitamin D deficiency occurs in the winter, when most people get sick from respiratory infections. (Ever wonder how "the cold" got its name?) Alcohol hand sanitizer is essential as well, and usually runs out fast if people get spooked.

Americans seem to have little faith in medicine nowadays for some reason, and are willing to take almost ANYTHING that is NOT recommended by the "system".

For example, the American middle class will go to amazing lengths to "cure" their toddlers of autism. 100 doses of chelation, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, megadoses of any vitamin you can name, antibiotics (in mega doses of course), hydrocolonic therapy, the list is endless. One gets the idea that it would destroy their sense of self to admit that their kid has a genetically determined neurological disorder, and that they should accept their kid for who he is.

Instead of accepting their kid, they want to hit the reset button and get a new kid, but without all the messy pregnancy stuff. (The middle class here is enamored of C sections, by the way, because they are too weak and wimpy to endure giving birth, something women have done for half a million years, most of them without epidurals.) It's beyond ridiculous.

I read of a guy who took too much colloidal silver, and his skin turned a bluish-gray color! Now THAT is embarrassing! AND it was irreversible! The long haired kid at the health food store does NOT know more about your health than a doctor!

Ferfal, when you move to the US, you NEED to get a look at some of the health food stores here in California. They have every supplement you could imagine! I know of a store where half the shelf space is taken up by supplements!

I've heard of people who self-medicate with this shit to an extent that it starts to kill them. My grandfather added supplements to his diet until he ended up in the hospital with heart trouble from them. It's incredible. But it's not from "the system", so it's ok. Silver is money, not medicine.

Anonymous said...

More people die from car wrecks than this flu, where's the outrage, the cries to ban all cars and the freedom to choose to drive, don't you know you endanger your family driving? Never mind crossing the street.

And how about bath tubs, shouldn't helmets be required to enter a bathtub or shower stall?