Monday, November 23, 2009

Pocket Dump

This is what I usually have in my jeans pockets.
I have more stuff in my bag but its still interesting I guess to see what people have in their pockets.

Front left pocket.
-Cold Steel "El Hombre" Only for defense (discountinued, "Vaquero" is the one you are more likely to find)
-Lucky Zippo Lighter-Custom made badges by Indy Fan "Relic Raider"
-Coins, usually 2 or 3 pesos worth of coins. I have more in the little Alotids kit in my bag, and I often find myself digging into those.
-Car keycain:-Car key
-Car safety bar key
-Keychain "Fauxton" Dealextrem LED (11 hours)
-Leatherman P4 Squirt (I made a post a few days ago about this nice little tool)

Front right Pocket.
-Leatherman Charge TTi (article on multitools coming up soon)
-House Keys:-Mini ligter (got in on DealExtreme, bouth several)
-Victorinox Midnight minichamp (severla posts on that, love this tool)
-Fenix LDO1 (got it directly from Fenix Store, best AAA flashlight, period)

Back Left Pocket:
-Wallet: -Money
-Debit/Credit cards
- bandaids
- Thick epoxy bandaids for fixing stuff ("poxitas" brand)
-Paper matches in small ziplock bag.
-Gun user card.



Dan said...

Hi, can you tell us more about those "Epoxy Bandaids"? I've never heard of them, but they sound really useful. I just use duct tape, normally.

Anonymous said...

I have looked and looked and I've not been able to find any knives with the curves and angles that the knives you showcase have, in any store locally. I wonder why.

Have you ever done a post about what you use to sharpen your knives or how?