Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reply: Pocket Dump

Anonymous said...

I have looked and looked and I've not been able to find any knives with the curves and angles that the knives you showcase have, in any store locally. I wonder why.

Have you ever done a post about what you use to sharpen your knives or how?

Hi, The Cold Steel Vaquero/El Hombre "s" shape isn't of much use other than fighting. Maybe cutting rope and such, but a straight edge is better for general works.
My "El Hombre" remians with teh original edge, razor sharp since I dont use it for anything else and I always make sure I have another blade for general use for this same reason, keep the fighting knife razor sharp.

As a matter of fact there is a post aobut how to shapren knives nicely using a mouse pad and sandpaper. Give me a minute and I'll look it up.

ok, here it is.

Also look on the left sidebar where the Topics are, look up for "sharpening" and you'll find a couple more tricks I use to keep my knives sharp.


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