Friday, November 5, 2010

Crime Rising in USA

I'm sure you don't feel good that you predicted the escalating crime in the US, but nevertheless you were correct in your prediction. Washington is starting to experience a spike in violent crime. 

One intruder apparently shot, killed the other near Puyallup
A masked intruder died Wednesday morning after his partner in crime accidentally shot him in the head during an exchange of gunfire with a Pierce County resident, sheriff’s deputies said.
Deputies were searching for the surviving robber late Wednesday, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.
The incident began as a home-invasion robbery at a house in the 6100 block of 72nd Street Court East, just west of the Puyallup city limits.
According to a man and a woman who live in the home:
Two masked men broke into the house about 6:30 a.m. They barged into the couple’s bedroom, pistol-whipped the man and demanded jewelry and the location of the couple’s safe.
As that happened, the woman reached under the bed, grabbed a shotgun and gave it to her boyfriend.
He and one of the robbers exchanged gunfire before the robbers ran from the home. One of the intruders made it about 20 yards, collapsed in the driveway and died. Deputies said they found a loaded handgun, jewelry and other items taken from the house around the man’s body.
An autopsy determined the shot that killed the man did not come from the shotgun, Troyer said.
Investigators believe the second intruder left in a maroon or burgundy vehicle. It was unknown whether he was hurt.
The boyfriend suffered minor injuries; his girlfriend was not injured.
A second man who lives in the home was not there at the time. Troyer described the man as a roommate.
Investigators do not believe the robbery was random, Troyer said.
“Usually, houses are targeted,” he said.
The dead man was identified as Michael Aaron Price, 31, Troyer said.

Hi Dustin, its pretty easy to predict actually. Every time the economy of a country goes through a crisis, there’s a consequence in terms of higher crime. When an economy downright collapses like it did in our case, you soon wake up to a 3rd world level of crime and violence you never thought you’d see.
This story has a few good lessons though:
1)       The masked men managed to get to their bedroom = very poor home security. Read about that in the blog, there’s lot of info on making your home safer.
2)       Poor choice of weapon. Imagine having to work a pump shotgun or any other long arm for that matter with the attackers already pistol whipping you. A handgun ready to fire is more convenient for that kind of contact range fighting.
3)       “west of the Puyallup city limits” What the… I swear, this Survival Guru God told me these things happened in the cities. Outside the city limits these things aren’t supposed to happen… right? Wrong.
What they were looking for? Criminals look for three things mostly during home invasions 1) Cash 2) Jewelry (gold)  3) Drugs (legal or otherwise) Keep this in mind next time you talk with people about any of those three. “I just sold my car”(I have money at hand) “My wife likes jewelry” (I’ve got a couple thousand bucks worth of junk gold in my house) This only gets worse as the price of gold increases. “I’m taking this drug for my back pain… “(I have some of the good stuff just sitting in my nigh table…) 



Shane and Michelle said...

GREAT info. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Here's another one on which I'd like to hear your comments:

On a weekday afternoon in the busiest tourist section of Seattle, a man pulls a 9mm handgun up to another mans temple and fires, killing him.

They did know each other, but it sounds like the man who died wasn't aware the other man was there until the last second.


Anonymous said...

Ferfal is dead on about not letting people know you keep pain meds in the house. Where I am, stolen Hydrocodone sells for $7-8 for 750mg and $10 for 100 mg. That's the price PER PILL! I know this because a former coworker offered to sell mine for me after I was prescribed a basically lifetime supply for a back injury. Thankfully I no longer live there, because that loser had a penchant for B&E.

russell1200 said...

Other than the poor security, I would disagree with Fer Fal as to the value of shotguns in close quarters. Emergency room records indicate them to be by far the leader in inflicting deadly injuries.

But the main point is that if you are being pistol whipped in your bedroom, you have already let them get far too close.

Within the United States, criminals target criminals. Having read the court transcripts on home invasions, I can promise you, that if you are involved in the buying or selling of illegal drugs, you make yourself many many more times likely to be targeted.

Jada said...

I don't understand why the woman handed the shotgun to her boyfriend, who was apparently being pistol whipped at the time. Seems like it'd have made more sense to just swing the thing around to the face of the pistol whipper.

Maybe that's just me...

Pitt said...

Russell1200: Nobody is disagreeing that the shotgun is a devastating weapon for home defense. What FerFal is saying is that at extreme CQB, a pistol would have been better. You can defend yourself with your off hand and still operate you pistol with you dominant hand. This is much better for a close in fight. Heck at pistol whipping distance, a big knife would have been good.

Jada: I bet the man hasn't taught his woman how to shoot the home defense gun. Gentlemen, teach you women to shoot. It may just save "YOUR" life.