Friday, November 19, 2010

Reply: What to do if guns are not allowed?

Unbreakable Umbrella

Regarding this post a few days ago 
(What to do if guns are not allowed?
this looks like an interesting alternative.
 Its not a weapon at all, just a very rugged 
umbrella that will keep you dry, don’t go out 
for a stroll in UK without it!
Unbreakable Umbrella Auto-Open 
Unbreakable Umbrella Auto-Open 


B said...

Nice idea!

These are similar as a "hidden" weapon:

Yet perfectly legal in most jurisdictions......

FerFAL said...

Yup, its basically similar, but the difference is that in my case for example, at age 31 an umbrella isn't as suspicious as a walking stick/cane.
I like umbrellas anyway, might as well get one that wont die on me. :-)


ghpacific said...

How do you add kevlar fabric to this? That would be awesome. What about sharpening the point or adding an arrow tip? Also adding eyes to it sometimes scares off dogs when opened rapidly. Remember the KGB agent that was murdered with the poison pellet with castor plant extract delivered from a hypodermic in the tip of an umbrella in London? http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/previous_seasons/case_umbrella/clues.html And there used to be an umbrella gun at one point, http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?160558-Improvised-or-otherwise-remarkable-weaponry/page2 (search down the page)so lots of possibilities if you're good with metal fabricating.

By The Sword said...

It looks like a really great defense item. However it seems awfully hard to buy. Amazon doesn't sell it and links you to the manufacturer's site wheich links you to another page... it just seems awfully hard to buy and is a little fishy.

Goldsaver said...

Another option I remembered seeing last night and found again.

Anonymous said...

There was this guy here who killed another with an umbrella, used it like a javelin. Entered the guys temple and into his brain. I assume something similar could be done through someones face, given the many openings in that area. Especially if they are running at you.

I think some rubber coated both inside and out perhaps 'sheath' to increased grip on the umbrella would be a good idea. Maybe one made out of leather. Although a plastic one would be lighter.

Then it could effectively be used like a longer baton of sorts. Thrust one of those in the stomach, without slipping from the hand.

Also one could could have it strapped to ones back and 'unsheath' it like a sword when in trouble. (a little intimidating perhaps?) It wouldn't be difficult to make, even making it yourself.

Don Williams said...

Has anyone seen the bulletproof (more accurately, bullet resistant) suits?

From http://news.yahoo.com/s/ac/20101119/lf_ac/2595849_president_obama_and_the_bulletproof_suit

"When newly inaugurated President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stepped out of the presidential limo to stroll down the parade route amongst a throng of well-wishers, there was an assumed collective gasp of surprise for many who witnessed this. In truth, while this was indeed a bold gesture for the first African-American President of the United States, Mr. Obama was wearing special bulletproof clothing crafted by "high-security fashion tailor" Miguel Caballero.

"Miguel" who?

In 1992, University of the Andes students Jose Miguel Caballero and John Murphy created the first of their fashion-conscious bulletproof and "stab-proof" clothing line some say as a response to the high casualties created by the Medellin drug cartel wars, which were at their peak. While the young entrepreneurs have strongly denied all accusations of exploiting the drug war violence, they opened their first clothing store dubbed "Miguel Caballero" in Medellin. In 1996, there were 30,000 violent deaths in Colombia. ...."

Don Williams said...

1) Re my preceeding comment on bulletproof suits, I have been bemused in the past by people who argue the merits of the world's most powerful handgun rounds --44 Magnum, Linebaugh, etc.

2) It always seemed to me that the world's most powerful handgun round is the 32 ACP -- two rounds of it fired out of a FN Model 1910 in 1914 killed 9 million people.


3) The world seems very economically shaky at the moment. If the bag of manure bursts, you might want stronger overhead protection than an umbrella.

Anonymous said...

I always keep a baseball bat and a glove in my car as a backup. The bat can split someone's head like a grape (or destroy shins), and the glove allows me to smile and shrug it off as harmless, claiming I was at the batting cages the other day.