Thursday, November 25, 2010

A peek behind the Economic Collapse‏


I'm proud to say I have been a faithful reader from long before your book
came out, and happily watch your growing success. More power to you, man!

Perhaps you would like to review these two articles and make a comment or
two. The first is from this week:


And the other is from 2002:

These debts don't really need to be repaid at all, whether calculated at
70% interest or even deeply discounted. Since the money loaned is simply
the effluence of a printing press run by the lenders (or even less
valuable, a digital account entry with absolutely nothing behind it), at
best the repayment should be in kind -- that is, something equally
intrinsically worthless and not national infrastructure.

Sadly, I'm afraid the good people of the world will undoubtably suffer a
great deal more before these long ongoing wrongs are righted. The best
(peaceful) solution I've seen offered is the building of local "financial
permacultures" and disengaging our connections to the money powers. I
recommend reading virtually everything Catherine Austin Fitts has to say
(solari.com) to your readers who want to know exactly what (most often)
causes their need to be "survivalists" and ways to address that.

The best to you, my friend.


Hi Robert, thanks for your support.
The IMF is evil, who can say that’s a surprise?
We do know they ruined this country, and others, but politicians here were corrupt and went along with it as well. They deal with drug lords too, why not with the IMF? They lend beyond the country’s possibility, suggest the rules of how you should run things, then they tell you how to run things once they own you. Keep tightening the belt on a country that already has a population suffering the austerity imposed by the IMF.
Can you live without the IMF? Without getting into debt, making deals with the devil? We did for several years, keep doing in spite of the economical and political disaster this country is, but you can do that when you’re practically growing and exporting green gold (soy) in a world that is paying top prices for such a commodity, and even that isn’t enough, they had to steal people’s retirement funds. That’s what happens when socialists run things, and you support yourself politically through handout: Sooner or later you run out of money.
So here we are making deals with the devil again, the IMF with its hands all over Argentina not a decade later, the president an all its minions swallowing their own words they said just months ago about never dealing with the IMF ever again.
The first link, there’s not more to add to it. Its the way it is with the IMF. They are the ones that cause these things, then they own you for the misery they themselves caused. Same old story.
I feel the second link had enough truth about it, with Enron and Argentina, yet look what happened with Chavez… still alive, still running things over there, but he’s a petty dictator that steals for himself, not some people’s hero fighting the IMF like that interview somehow made it look.
Good stuff and I hope people read it.
Not much that can be done about it, just helps understand. No, the IMF isn’t out there to help “developing nations” or any other nation, that joke isn’t even funny.



Don Williams said...

1) If I was Germany and France, I would lay the screws to Ireland's politicans. Ireland wanted it both ways -- it wanted to be in the EU yet free to screw other members of the EU by offering very low tax rates to multinationals.

2) Now, Ireland's politicans want the EU to provide huge amounts of Euros to bail out Ireland's wealthy bankers from their own stupid decisions.

And instead of raising taxes on Ireland's corporations, Ireland's politicans want to screw the Irish people for the loan repayments.

Anonymous said...

Some commentators are expecting riots in Ireland soon. I still struggle with the frustration I have with Americans who are willfully ignorant and arrogant. The sterotypical 'ugly' American charactorization is in general, dead on. A cooperative spirit is necessary and Americans lost that decades ago. Europe never lost it. Fortunately there is still Small Town America where a community spirit still lives. These small rural towns are small enough to have some cohesion, and an older population that remembers how to get it done. In the big cities, it will be 'dog eat dog'.

As we now have the time to learn how to rebuild, highly recommend, The Secret of Oz, the YouTube movie/documentary on the history of money and U.S. currency. We've been through this more or less 6 times in our history. I really shouldn't be frustrated even in this age of the Information Super Highway. Most will always be stuck in the slow lane. Note that war is the usual result of these cycles. a

coming economic collapse said...

its not just Ireland - all countries borrow money like mad from the banks and the repayments are always loaded onto the taxpayers of that country.
The banks are keeping us all down and its only now that people are waking up to it.