Monday, November 15, 2010

Taurus Judge?

Angie said...
Has anyone heard of The Judge by Taurus? It is a revolver that shoots .410 shotgun shells. Seems like it would be an ultimate home defense weapon where penetration is a concern.
November 15, 2010 1:40 PM

Hi Angie,
I do not recommend The Judge, not by a long shot, and specially not loaded with .410 shells.
First, 410 shells simply don’t pack enough punch for serious self defense, no matter where you shoot your attacker. Lacks both the require energy and penetration. Unless you plan to shoot snakes or to use it as a fun gun, stay away from it.
With 45 Colt you have better ballistics, but you still have much better options out there than a 45 Colt out of a Taurus.
Ultimate Home Defense gun? No, not by a long shot.

Second, you’re talking about Taurus. I’ve owned three of them, they’ve all failed me after little use. You see them in gun magazines, Taurus spends a lot of money on marketing and publicity, yet how many law enforcement officers or professional shooters pack Taurus for serious social encounters? Not anyone that can help it. Taurus revolvers and pistols simply aren’t as good as other brands. Glock, Sig, Springfield, S&W, CZ, Ruger, stick to those brands.
If you are concerned about over penetration, there’s specialty ammo for that like Glaser Safety Slugs. These may be preferably in small condos with thin dry walls. Other than that, use quality JHP ammunition.



Anonymous said...

I've fired one and it's a nice 'toy' or range gun. It's LARGE, it kicks with .410ga shells, and even in mild .45 Colt rounds - it's EXPENSIVE to shoot.

If someone is worried about constant snakes, it's decent for short range self defense - but, if loaded with shotshells and you fire it - innocent bystanders may get hit by pellets depending on the range. Oh yeah, did I mention it was a LARGE handgun?

Anonymous said...

I am a police officer in the US and would never own or carry a Taurus for on or off duty use. I stick with Glocks and Sig Sauer pistols.

Bones said...

Glaser safety slugs have not been shown to penetrate sufficiently to be useful for self defense. Personally I think the issue of over-penetration is exaggerated and misplaced. If someone is trying to rape or kill you the last thing you should be worried about is the round over penetrating. Additionally, the drywall used in most US homes is extremely poor at stopping projectiles. If a round won't penetrate drywall it certainly won't penetrate a bad guy.

See the following link for an excellent writeup on defensive ammunition:


See also the following for information on other issues related to handgun ammunition used for self defense:


Forrest said...

I've owned a judge for about a year now. It is a fun gun to shoot and shines as a trail gun, but would not be the gun I go to for home defense. It is an expensive gun to shoot in 45 colt. The special 410 self defense shells aren't any better on price, which makes practice costly. You are out of luck in trying to find any company that shows off gel tests for thier special 410 ammo as well. While I wouldn't want to be shot with one, in my opinion there are much more effective and affordable options for home defense.

Double Tapper said...

The Taurus Judge is a bad idea embraced by many well-intentioned people. I too have found Taurus products to be shoddy in general - poor fit and finish and terrible DA triggers. Anyone looking to the Judge for a defensive set up really needs more education on the subject.

Idahoser said...

I think it's pretty common that n00bs coming into firearms get the notion that "there must be a better way" and 'discover' these magic weapons that have all the benefits and none of the liabilities of the 'normal' stuff we all use every day.

Whether it's light weight, small size, miracle calibers, special shapes or sizes or colors, everybody thinks they can improve on the normal old revolver or semi-auto.

I know FerFAL prefers the Glock, but I'd say if you can only have one gun, you should start with a medium-framed steel .357 Magnum revolver. It can do anything a gun can do. If you can have two guns, then the other ought to be a .22. After two, sure, feel free to experiment with airweight alloys and teeny belt-buckle guns and freak calibers you can't buy at any price. Many of them have a legitimate place in an arsenal, but not an arsenal of one.

Anonymous said...

I think people get hooked on this gun because of its name. They think it sounds cool to carry around something called "The Judge"

The Millennium Pro PT145 isn't a bad piece. Still prefer the G30.

Knotthead said...

I don't understand the fascination with the Judge. Fortunately I've managed to dissuade my father from one. Pointing out this evaluation helped:

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck with my 941 .22 Magnum snubbie as a ranch carry gun. Super lightweight and small, does not get in the way at all. Its only had about 4 boxes of ammo through it though.

I carry a larger bore for 'social occasions' just as often when out there (Star PD) so the Taurus is a backup.

Dave said...

Hey btw just wondering,

I do own a M&P .40 S&W full size and I use hollow points for defense. I'm assuming that's enough right?

When choosing the gun, they were made in 9mm, .40 and .45. For real self defense, I wouldnt want 9mm since it lacks punch but because its a polymer gun(lightweight) i've been told that .45 kicks way too much so I chose .40. Also Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics tends to like the M&P .40 better than the 9 or 45.

I've read about your glock post and M&Ps are pretty much the same thats why I chose it

arkansascajun said...

like someone already said. it's a outstanding trail/survival gun. you can take small game at close range with the .410 and large game with the .45 LONG COLT at short range. sufficient protection from Grizz and is a sureshot on snakes.