Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boker Vox Access Tool

Vox Tool and Pico prybar side by side

Some tools you just like right from the moment you see them. When that happens, its usually because the design is appealing to you in some way, and nothing appeals to me as functionality.
As soon as I saw the Boker Vox Access tool I liked the design and ordered one. Its not a pretentious tool, just a well made pocket prybar, glass breaker and bottle opener. The general geometry just made sense, so I wasn’t surprised when I learned it was designed by a known knife maker, Jesper Voxnæs from Denmark. The classy lines, elegant silhouette, its just nice when you have a product like that. Its made of titanium with a carbide glass breaker protected by a couple of o-rings.
In terms of functionality and quoting Louis Sullivan, you could say form follows function. Prybar? Check. Nail puller? Check. Bottle opener? Check. Glass Breaker? Check. Then again its all that and a bit more. You can also use it as an improvised medium flat screwdriver and as that general scrapping/poking/picking general use tool.

Bottle Opener

Glass Breaking Tip

I’ve had the Boker Vox Access tool for about a month now, carrying it in my keychain with a paracord loop. This gives me seven 10 inch strands of cord once gutted so the cord loop is useful on its own. Though I haven’t used the glass breaker, I have no doubt it would work in spite of doing so with some difficulty given the small size and sub-ounce weight.
I’m not decided yet regarding permanently adding this tool or not to my already hefty keychain. So far its not too cumbersome, it has done its job as a bottle opener and is pleasant to use as a mini prybar.
Until now the only neat choices in mini prybars was the ones made by Peter Atwood. Beautiful work, but sometimes costing hundreds of dollars.  Shrade makes a titanium pry tool, but to me it seems more crude, bulky and less stylish in comparison.
If you’re looking for a compact pocket prybar/bottle opener/scrapping/poking thingy, the Boker Vox Access may be what you are looking for and is great value for about eighteen bucks.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I had a lot junk on my keychain.

It has to stop somewhere, LOL.


Anonymous said...

If you stick that keychain in the ignition of a car, the steering wheel might break off.

Anonymous said...

I almost bought a Gerber Artifact, but upon inspection, decided to forego it - just not worth the $8 at Target. Might try this one though, if I can find it locally. Hate to spend 5 - 6 dollars on the shipping.

Thanks for the review sir - have a fantastic weekend.