Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quality $7 folding Knife

Yes, its possible if you hang around knife forums and find tips like these.
Does SanRenMu in the province of Guangxi, China mean anything to you? How about Spyderco and their best selling knife, the excellent Tenacious and Resilience which I’ve often recommended?
Well, SanRenMu makes those for Spyderco, but they also sell under their own name at a much lower price as well. Its still the same company, they even use the same steel as in the Tenacious, 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.
This model is somewhat similar in design to Chris Reeve’s Sebenza with a 2.8″ blade and its framelock system. For 7 bucks plus another seven for shipping you can get one of these from ebay delivered to your door.
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Anonymous said...

Very cool, I own a Persistence (slightly downsized Tenacious) and find for the price, it was a good buy. How in the world they can sell the same knife with their own name for 25% of the price - astounding!

The Urban Survivalist said...

That's good to know. I just bought a tenacious a few months ago. It's a great knife. If I wasn't so close to the spyderco factory I'd probably just go with the cheaper option. They'll sharpen their own knives free for life, though, so it's worth the few extra bucks to me for the spyderco label.

Mark said...

I'd like to point out that they have a "make an offer" option, I offered $6.50 which was immediately accepted, I imagine you can go lower.

Anonymous said...

This blade was not available when I checked, so I looked around at SRM blades. For $10.99 delivered, I found a nice 733 with a couple notable features. Built in carabiner at the base and "kick" finger deployment like my Kershaw Onion make this a very handy little unit. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Oops - here is the link to the 733:

refuse/resist! said...

There are many chinese webshops which ship for free, these are much cheaper than ebay.
With paypal, you can get your money back, with focalprice it happened that after complaining enough times, I got back more money than the item cost me (disfunctioning flashlight).
discoverybargain.com has a quite poor customer service, the shipping can be very fast (~10 days) or extremely slow (45 days). Once an item was not shipped, but I was refunded through paypal.
On the other hand, it seems to be the cheapest chinese store regarding knifes.
Important tip: to be on the safe side, make a video about opening the package.

The 710 is spectacularly solid knife, imo the best knife of sanrenmu (I've bought about 10 types from them).
The 704 model is also nice, same in size, but much lighter because of the G10 handle:
If you prefer an axis lock, for a little more money, you can get this:

In many countries, there is an 80mm or 85mm limit for knife blades you can carry, I think this is close to the best blade you can get from an under-80mm fighting knife (serrations would make it perfect):
This seems to have a somewhat lower build quality, the opening, locking isn't as smooth as with sanrenmu knifes, but it still seems to be a tough knife.
The more expensive ones are probably not worth it, especially in the US. In Europe, the situation is quite different, a Spyderco Persistence costs around 50 Euros (~70 $) because of taxes and duty.

Bee and Ganzo knifes are also quite good, the Bee L01 is a steal for 10 bucks:

The Ganzo 704 is also very nice, sturdy knife.
Dealextreme sells Tekut knifes, they are also quite good.

Survival And Prosperity said...

Great info FerFAL. SRM's got some pretty decent reviews around the web as well.