Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sugar and honey for Serious Wounds?

A friend of mine who suffered a bike accident is using common sugar for treating his injured foot. He still goes to the hospital, has the progress checked and dressings changed but he still does some of it at home, and the doctors indicated that he should use sugar on daily basis. We’re talking about a serious injury with significant loss of skin, flesh and tendon damage.
My mother in law was indicated similar treatment after her breast cancer surgery, pouring sugar over the wound. I know its used at the Buenos Aires City zoo for animal wounds and that it has been used in battlefield wounds as well. Sugar works as an effective antiseptic, in some cases it even works in cases where typical pharmaceutical antiseptics have failed.  Honey is also used and is an old time remedy for insect bites. Sugar and honey not only works as an antiseptic, several studies have showed that it also reliefs pain and speeds up the healing process when compared to not using it.
The way of using it is pretty straight forward. Clean up the wound with soap and water, dry so that there’s no moist the apply sugar directly into the wound. In some cases its recommended to first apply honey and then sugar so that it sticks. The people I know, they used sugar simply powered directly into the wound. The sugar crystals should go inside the wound when possible. After that, cover the wound with sterile dressing.
Its surprising how effective such a simple remedy can be. Doing some google you’ll find out several studies and hospitals that have come to accept hoe effective it is.

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Anonymous said...


Never heard of sugar used in that way. Raw, that is uncooked, honey has been used as an antiseptic for a variety of wounds for a long time.


Anonymous said...

In the UK in the 1990's I witnessed honey being used to treat diebetes induced open sore leg ulcers!

Nurses said it was miraculous!

Anonymous said...

Sweet (ha, ha)!

From what I have read, the mechanism of action is that it dries out/dessicates any bacteria (and I presume viruses) in the wound.

dc.sunsets said...

I would not try this with any deep puncture wounds. Anaerobic bacteria (the kind that cause gangrene) are unlikely to be affected by sugar or honey.

Anonymous said...

Awesome... I have heard of using Honey but not surgar..will have to get some raw sugar to add to the preps.. thanks, love your blog.

Nicole said...

I have been using sugar and honey to treat wounds for years. They both work very well, although I find the raw honey to be the best of them all.

FerFAL said...

David it kills by dehydration, it doesnt matter if they are anaerobic bacteria. That why it has been used precisely in cases that would have otherwise ended up in gangrene.

A. Ruiz said...

Honey also kills by an enzyme releasing hydrogen peroxide from glucose. Neat, right?

Grandpappy said...

decubitis ulcers used to be packed w/sugar, healed. One nurse speculated that the bacteria went after the sweet, would overdose on the sugar, sort of like becoming diabetic and die. Sort of poetic justice..bacteria going into diabetic coma.

Any data on whether brown sugar works better than white, or vice versa? Nutritionists seem to think white sugar is over-refined, bad for you because of the chemicals used in refining. Maybe this is good to kill bad bugs?