Saturday, September 24, 2011

FerFAL in Self Reliance Expo. October 7-8 Salt Lake City

Yes, that would be my ugly mug. :)

For those of you that can make it, it would be a great opportunity to meet face to face, talk, debate, ask questions, etc. I’ll give a lecture each day of the Expo so if you have points you’d like me to cover this would be the time to make suggestions. After the lectures I’ll be there the rest of the day for those of you that want to talk more.
Self Reliance Expo is the largest exposition on self reliance and Emergency Preparedness. I’m really looking forward to it.
To those of you that can make it, see you in a few days!
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Loyalist said...

Congratulations! Wish I could be there...do you know if they will record & post your presentatioms?

Anonymous said...

ugly? mug? so far, i have believed
everything you have posted. anyway,
here's my point: missing with a shotgun, means you WILL miss with anything else. how about a Serbu Super Shorty? 3 hits vs. 19 misses.
and YES, it will be carried
everywhere and at all times.

shambhala said...

Too cool