Sunday, October 23, 2011

What happens when you get shot? Part 2 of 2 video

The second part of “What happens when you get shot” is up. Folks, if you haven’t seen part 1 and 2 already please do so and keep it in mind as part of your armed preparedness, both on what to expect when you get shot (hope that never happens) or when using your weapon for self-defense.
Please watch the video, I humbly think they went well and it puts some light into a topic that is often full of mistaken concepts and information.
Take care!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, FerFal. Greetings from Spain.

I read your blog from time to time. Day after day I´m getting more concern about the crisis that is coming. I have just finnish the free version of the Crash Course by Chis Martenson.

I just want to share with you this recent piece of news:

What would you do in that scenario? I´d press the throttle and don´t care about the damage in the car.

Thank you for all this info. Problably in a short period of time I´d buy your book (english version).

PD.- Quite strange speaking in english with an argentinian, isn´t it?