Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chinese (Military?) Base being Built in Neuquén, Argentina

It is surprising that this isn’t being mentioned by the media.
China is building a “moon exploration” station in Bajada del Agrio, Neuquén, Argentina. The agreement so far is that the Argentine national space agency (Conae) will be able to use the installations 10% of the time, about 2 hours a day.
More intriguing though is the several shady aspects of the agreement in which it isn’t specified the intended use of the installations. Many of the clauses in the agreement have been kept secret and not discussed when approved by Congress.
According to the Argentine press the signed agreement doesn’t say that there CAN’T be military applications. The concern is that the station could be use as well as a missile launching base.
The growing links between China, Russia and Latin America are a clear indication that the influence of these countries is becoming stronger in the region.
On July 12, 2014, it was announced that Russia Today (Russian TV agency) in Spanish, was to start airing their channel 24 hs in Argentina through the free public digital TV service. This was the first time that a foreign signal made it into the public state TV signal.



Anonymous said...

Fernando; that orange thing in the Argentina photo is a cement pump / crane, not some sort of missile.

Teo said...

Fernando; Photo1 poster board shows profile of a VLA type parabolic deep-space dish, similar to Goldstone.

In photo2, the large orange thing is a telescopic concrete pump, used to plaster in the rebar.