Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Conceal Carry a Full Size Glock Pistol

Whenever able to do so, carrying a firearm is one of the most important steps a person can take towards self-reliance. It is no surprise that in the United States, a country historically appreciative of freedom and personal liberty, it is fairly simple in most States to get a concealed carry weapon license.
The problem is that while many Americans understand the privilege of living in a country with such rights, few have had the need to actually defend themselves on the streets of their towns. Outside of former military, few have been on the wrong side of a gun let alone experience first-hand violent organized crime. For most people in USA, this kind of violence is the kind of stuff they see on tv or read about online but they don’t get to live with it. While that is no doubt a wonderful way to live, its also a way in which we can get complacent, and complacency among firearm owners and concealed weapon carriers is very common. We’re talking here about people wanting to carry a gun, but to do so as comfortably as possible, often compromising and going for guns that aren’t as capable.
When you make up your mind about being an armed citizen, I don’t believe you should compromise. Back in Argentina, those that did carry, they didn’t go for mini subcompact guns. Glock 19 was the smallest gun serious gunmen would carry. Most American friends of mine who’s opinion regarding firearms and armed self defense I respect, they also carry full size or slightly smaller “compact” guns such as the Glock 19, capable of a full grip and respectable magazine capacity.

Carrying a full size Glock Pistol

The trick to carrying a weapon isnt so much about the gun, as it is about having the right holster, a good belt and dressing appropriately.
A good riggers belt or instructors belt, like the Spec-Ops Brand Rigger's Belt, firm and stiff to hold the weight of the firearm, combined with a good inside the waistband holster and appropriate clothing (not too tight fitting, dark colors) will help carry your weapon concealed well.
Regarding holsters, I’ve had good luck with Bladetech’s Phantom holster. Its comfortable and practical for concealed carry and I’ve taken it to most of my shooting classes, drawing the gun concealed under a tshirt.

                                         Blade-Tech Phantom Series IWB Holster

                                           Spec-Ops Brand Rigger's Belt
When it comes to carrying a weapon concealed, keep the following in mind: Don’t be too self-conscious, people usually go about their business and practically no one will notice if your gun is slightly “printing”. An open shirt, vest or light jacket will help whenever you need added concealment.
Train as you expect to fight so as to fight as you’ve trained if that day ever comes. Never compromise on your weapon of choice and focus on mastering your sidearm, striving to reach your full potential as a shooter.



Anonymous said...

I don't understand the lack of love among shooters for the glock 26 or 27. They're small, yet shoot about as easy as a 19. It seems like the perfect compromise.

0007 said...

A company called Deluth makes some really good heavyweight leather belts that cost ~$40.00. These are double thick/stitched and really do the job as holster holders.

Steve said...

IWB Glocks are pretty uncomfortable IMO so I have been trying out a new route. I found an innocuous small Timberland messenger bag and gaffer-taped my IWB holster to an inside pocket that is next to my body and open at the top, no flap. So, it is merely reaching into the bag, right next to my body to safely pull the pistol, I may have to reinforce the bag inside with a sheet of plastic taped to it, then tape the holster to that, but it will still be a convenient way of both EDC of my stuff and a G30, which I have been more likely to carry this way. Also fits the extra mag part of the holster.