Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lessons from Argentina: WROL vs Real Post-Collapse Daily Crime


Anonymous said...

Great video- a FANTASTIC reality check. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As a Brazilian, I'm sad to learn that crime in Argentina is this bad. As our countries were battling authoritarian populism or messianic socialism at the same time, I always had the impression that crime wasn't as bad in Argentina as in Brazil. Sadly, it seems to be in exactly the same calamitous situation.

As a matter of fact, crime was why I emigrated. I made up my mind when my neighbor's daughter was kidnapped to the ATM one evening parking her car in the garage back from college. Thank God nothing elder happened to her, but it got me thinking about my then little daughter.

People in developed countries have no idea how bad life adjust violent crime is. I can attest to everything you said and corroborate that that's hire life in Brazil is too. I tried to describe it as though you're playing Doom: you walk looking at the left and the right, expecting a gorilla to jump on you from dark spots or around the corner.

The saving grace for Americans is not only the ease to pack heart, but most of all the willingness and how common it is to do so. This gun culture gives pause to criminals, which is demonstrated by the lower incidence of home robberies in those states where fewer limits are imposed on the people.