Thursday, September 25, 2014

Otterbox Defender Fail: Broken Clip and Cracked Case

In just one year I had two problems with my Otterbox Defender case.

 Just days after getting it the rotor of the clip broke, with the phone dropping and almost losing it. After contacting Otterbox a new case was sent soon enough. Now, the hard plastic case cracked where it makes contact with the clip, fitting loosely and easily falling from the holster unless clipped on the other side. While I still believe Otterbox makes overall quality cases, for the price, they should have a product that holds up much better. I haven’t abused the case in any way, just normal use.
The Otterbox does protect your phone, and that’s the point of the protective case, but for a top of the line case more is expected of it. While the customer care is excellent, the Defender case, one of Otterbox toughest models, should hold up much better to everyday use.

I’ll probably buy Otterbox again next time and I still do recommend it, but I’ll seriously consider other competitive options as well. I’ll think twice before paying premium price for a case that isn’t offering premium durability.



Anonymous said...

If you don't absolutely need it to be waterproof, merely water resistant, then Ballistic cases are pretty good. I've had one on my 4S for two years, put it through some pretty hard use, and it's still in great shape, and it's protected the phone in a number of hard drops without a scratch. When I upgrade to a 6 soon, I will buy another one.

Anonymous said...

Dead Ferfal,
I have both iPhone and iPad, I bought lifeproof last year and am totally happy with mine. Hope this helps. They are a bit pricey, but worth it.

RR said...

I have had similar experiences with the Otterbox Defender holster/beltclip. I bought two (for me and my wife) about 5 years ago. After a couple of months of use, the holster in both of our phones broke in the same place (the middle prong that secures the phone). Otterbox sent two more Defender cases and holsters very quickly, but a short time after that, my clip broke. Since my wife stopped using her holster, I used hers. I had no more problems with the holster until recently, but I was also very careful regarding how I carried it on my belt. Recently, I dropped the holster (without the phone) and it cracked. It is a shame because I really like the product. I never had a problem wit the case itself.

Anonymous said...

On my third clip with my otter box. Last time they sent me two. And neither have broken yet.

I did drop one of them off a motorcycle at about 30 mph and phone and case survived intact...

Anonymous said...

I've had an Otterbox for about two years now. I'm on my 4th clip and second case. I think their quality has definitely slipped and will get something else when I upgrade.