Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Argentine Prosecutor Found Dead Hours Before Testifying Against President Fernandez

Hi Fernando,
Happy New Year! You probably won't remember me but we had some email correspondence last year (I am in Canada) about your first book, which I loved. By the way, I bought your second book and loved that too.
So... what do you think about the "mysterious" suicide of Mr Alberto Nisman in Argentina?!
I am sure this will be your next topic on your website!
/Your Friend in Canada :)
Hello Paul,
It’s an absolute disgrace. That the prosecutor that was supposed to testify in front of the National Congress was assassinated the night before in his house just goes to show the level of corruption in the country.
Prosecutor in 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish center bombing found dead (cnn)
Argentine Prosecutor Found Dead Hours Before Testimony Against President Fernandez(ZeroHedge)
I mean, I had been following the developments for the last few weeks. Mr. Nisman had been very outspoken in the last few weeks about the evidence he had against the president, probably in an attempt to gain public recognition and therefore be safer in case of an “accident”.
Well, it did him no good. They still killed him before presenting the evidence.
It seems that he had managed to tap the phones of the presidential palace itself, and had hundreds of hours of phonecall recording showing the link between President Kirchner’s associates and Iranian terrorists, even evidence linking President Cristina Kirchner herself.

Something that isnt being mentioned but is very important: Cristina Kirchner’s husband, former president Nestor Kirchner had appointed Alberto Nisman himself to investigate the AMIA terrorist attack of 1994. Nestor Kirchner had created a new commission to investigate the link between the Iranian government and the attack to the Jewish center. Soon after that Nestor Kirchner dies unexpectedly, supposedly due to a heart attack. It was always rumored that he had been assassinated, maybe by drug cartels. The funeral was public but with a closed coffin. This is extremely unusual given that politicians in South America (and most of all Peronist ones!) turn funerals into political statements, so that the face of the deceased is remember. Not in this case. The funeral was televised live with hundreds of thousands attending but with a suspiciously closed coffin.
Immediately after his death and with his wife assuming the presidency, Cristina Kirchner has a complete change of heart and changes her policy towards Iran 180ยบ, protecting the suspects and providing political support to Iran in the region. But Alberto Nisman was already assigned and had started to investigate…

Make no mistake. The terrorists guilty for the attack are long gone and the only thing left was proof of the president’s cover up and associating with terrorists. This is why Cristina Kirchner has Alberto Nisman killed the day before he testifies in front of the National Congress.
As Cristina Kirchner said herself not long ago."One should only fear God... and me"
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