Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Safest Counties from Naural Disasters in U.S.

This is an interesting resource. The interactive map lets you click for additional information. Check out your area and see how it rates regarding natural disasters.


Anonymous said...

My county is in the middle of the pack, more or less. The adjoining county is around the 70% more safe for some strange reason.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Although my county on the Great Lakes is ranked in the high 2000's, the only real problem it says are property damage from ice storms and tornadoes. We have only had 2 major tornadoes in over 50 years. Ice storm problem is solved by keeping trees away from the house, cars and power lines. City annually trims trees away from power lines on everyone's properties. These ice storms also are only problems every few years or so. Also we have the best laws for conceal carry. So although ranking is high, I still feel good about it here.