Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cristina Have Mercy: Children Keep Starving to Death in Argentina

 The family is holding a sign with a message to Argentina's president Cristina Kirchner. It says "Beloved Cristina have Mercy".  Néstor Femenía died yesterday in Chaco, Argentina. He was seven years old and weighted 20 kilos (44lbs).
Desgarrador. Néstor Femenía, el nene qom desnutrido y enfermo de tuberculosis que murió ayer en la Provincia del Chaco.


Anonymous said...

That seems inexcusable in the modern, wealthy world we live in. That poor kid is nearly the same age as my oldest.

I think I'm going to punch the next far-left know-nothing college student I meet. I wish they could be forced to look at what their stupid political delusions are doing to real people, over and over through history.

Jimmy B said...

Ask an aristocrat for mercy and you will receive your punishment.