Friday, January 23, 2015

The Future of Preparedness and Modern Survivalism?

According to some people, the end of the world is just around the corner. Because of one reason or another, an economic collapse, terrorism strike, rise of communism or planed globalist population reduction by the new world order, we are supposed to see a surge of disasters world wide. Even in developed nations expect cities to burn and the masses to riot any time now.
This speech has changed little in over half a century. But wait! Any minute now! Cities will burn, people will stave, the hordes of looters will flow out of the cities, you’ll see, you’ll…
And it’s the same BS doomers have been preaching for several decades now.
But lets talk about the real fights ahead of us while we’re at it.
You see, while in parts of the world war is destroying lives by the thousands every single day, and there is in fact true hunger in many countries, for those lucky enough to live in developed nations chances are they will be facing different challenges.

Crime and Self-Defense

No one knows for sure what the future holds but while it’s rather expected to see armed conflict and widespread war in developing nations, it’s not as common to see it in developed ones. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but it sure isn’t as common. While some survivalists and preppers believe the UN is about to invade any minute now and North Korea has millions of troops ready to parachute all across the west coast, I believe that in the future the threats will be of a different nature. The crime that already exists, will simply become much, much worse. You won’t need to live in some bunker hidden in the boonies because of a foreign army invasion, you’ll need to live in a well secured home because of the dangerous, constant violent crime that exists and you eventually grew used to. Alarms, reinforced doors, even paying for private security, it will no longer be a luxury but a necessity and the country will soon be divided between those that can afford to pay for it and enjoy the security that comes along with it and those that can’t. Chances are you wont get into a gunfight with the “supreme leader’s” goons, or even with a colorful band of survivors and raiders. Chances are that most people that get killed by gunshot wounds in the not so distant future will die in the parking lot of some 7 Eleven or walmart when stopping to pick some diapers for the baby waiting back home, or shot during a carjack when driving to the office. Awareness and skill with the gun you should be carrying on daily basis already, that’s your best defense for this type of scenario.


We all need food, don’t we? Food is the number one item to stock up on, the one we know we can’t live without. Whenever food is brought up in the context of survivalism, famine quickly comes to mind. People starving to death, people desperate for a plate of food. This is a very real, legitimate concern, but there’s a good chance food will be a problem in the future but in a different way. There’s a good chance food will continue to be the reason why hundreds of thousands die, but not because of lack of it, but because of its poor quality and excess. The true battle will be making sure our kids have real, healthy food and not the garbage often sold to us as food. As of right now, two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese and so are 30.4% of low-income preschoolers. Obesity is what will continue to kill people in developed nations and as the statistics already show us, obesity is worse among the poorest population in the developed world. Rich folks? They’re skinny. With more poverty, we’ll see worse fed people, because of the cheaper junk food, but most of all because of a lack of education. People will die because of the junk food they eat on daily basis, while the much healthier grains they bought for their “preps” sit in buckets waiting for the end of the world.

Medical care
The cost of medical care will continue to rise. On one hand we have companies brainwashing people into eating food that makes them sick, on the other we have the same investors putting money into the pharmaceutical companies that keep these same sheep alive.
Breaking a leg, getting surgery or buying blood pressure meds, no matter what it is that you need it will continue to get more and more expensive, with a fewer percentage of a population capable of affording true quality medical care. Learn how to get healthy and stay that way now, before getting sick.

Education and Mindset
This will probably be the worst tragedy of all. The collapse of the education system. True education and freedom of thought being replaced by some standardized scheme designed to mass produce cogs to fit the corporate machine. Sate owned corporation, of course, or maybe better said, Corporate owned State, with corporate preapproved elected representatives.
The cost of education will continue to grow. First based on where you can afford to live, then based on the private school you can afford to send your kids to and finally based on the college their debt capability permits. And when the degree they overpaid for hardly helps to make up for the debt they amassed before working a single day in their lives, they’ll finally see that it’s more about friends, connections, and ultimately the real-world practical skills you have.
You prepare for this by understanding that education is important, but not because of some piece of paper in a frame, but the actual education you get by studying and working, the kind of education you get maybe working on your own projects after school when you’re still in high school. Google and Microsoft are already paying kids NOT to go to school and join them straight away. Today more than ever, its important to work on what you’re passionate about from an early age, and getting the education and capacitation needed so as to do that. The times when you could just get a degree, hang it in your studio and that alone would always get you a job no matter what are long gone.

As you probably already see, poverty is the common denominator in most of these topics. Inequality will continue to grow, with the ruling elite becoming even more powerful, even more controlling of all aspects of people’s lives and people’s liberty and quality of life dropping proportionally.
I believe it’s stupid to worry about preparing for a dystopian American future where wars are fought on every street corner, and lean mean, hardened survivors fight one another over the limited resources such as food, fuel and supplies, that are still available. Have fun watching that movie but no, that’s not the future I see, at least not in the developed world. The future is already here, you just have to look: Overweight and dumbed-down by a poor, corrupted education system and even worse diet. Working on soul-crushing jobs to pay massive debts (their own and their parents!) along with inflated medical and education bills. Distracted by the latest reality TV show or latest cell phone launch, stressed by the growing crime and violence all around them and living with the constant uncertainty of imminent unemployment and growing inflation.
Which one do you think is more likely? Which one do you find more scary?
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the stuff you say, but think you are exaggerating about 'brainwashing' by the food industry. People eat junk food because it's easy, quick, and hits our natural food cravings for fat and carbs.

No McDonald's advertisement was ever as effective as that constant craving for extra calories that we got from our caveman ancestors. It used to be hard to get enough food. Now it's hard not to eat too much.

Anonymous said...

Great article! One of you best.

Anonymous said...


What you have described, is what you experienced in Argentina. Do you think this scenario will happen in Northern Ireland as well as the USA? We are going to secure the house as you have described (hubby is always slow on follow through, but we are in process), but, unfortunately, I could never get him to move out of our state, the one south of NYC. We will **never** get a concealed carry permit here. They will not give one. There are advantages living in this area, and I must focus on that. Although we would be considered the suburbs, we have a small "hobby" farm. Neighbors are about 150 feet away on a road that looks like a country road, but is well traveled. We are not hidden from the road (both and advantage and disadvantage); we would not be surprised if our animals were stolen if things really went south. What you described is what you have been saying all along. I am a young grandmother (early 60's) and this is not exactly what I was looking forward to at this stage of my life, but I am flexible and determined. I have always been one to take on large learning curves/challenges, even now.

Thank you for your time and response!

Anonymous said...

Are 2/3rds of Americans obese or overweight? In 1998 the standard for measuring this was changed and with that change the number of obese and the number of overweight duobled. The standard created it not the food. Miriah Carey is "obese" based on that standard and if you ask any hetro male over the age of 21 if Miriah is hot 99% wil say yes. Hmmmm! What does that say abut obesity and the standard. Most truely obese people, those that weigh 350 more or less are genetically predestined to be obese. You could allow them to only eat what Whole Foods sells and they would still be obese. It is a bizarre biased obsession to believe that our food is somehow "bad" and it kills us or causes obesity. It does not. Your weight is determined by your genes not your food. Does the abundance of food allow people to more easily reach the high range of their genetically predetermined wieght? Yes it does. So the answer to that would be to limit everyone's food!?!? No one could be that stupid. But in fact this arguement is and aways has been about individual food biases. Most of those who push this BS are vegans or vegetarians and believers in supplements and "magic" foods" or simply anti "white" or "refined" food. Most of it is pure anti-science BS. There is no food on the U.S. market today that will kill you unless of course you have a genetic illness.

PomPomPomPooom said...

You forget one dramatic point: lack of freedom from your own governement.
- free speech restricted to only approved politically correct. Judicial harassment if you say something wrong.
- fiscal slavery: you must make money to pay numerous taxes, and the money you gain is heavily taxed. No way out.
- surveillance everywhere: what you do is recorded and can be used against you later.
- unbalanced bureaucracy: your duties are automatic, your rights are lost under a pile of paper.

This is not the plain military dictature feared in the 20th century, only the 21st century soft totalitarism.

Anonymous said...


Excellent comments. I think the issues you outlined are much more likely than the disaster scenarios that some people talk about. I bought two copies of your modern survival manual - one for me, and one to share with my family and friends. Keep up the good work.

deb harvey said...

you have hit the nail on the head.
each american generation seems more passive to me.
the subjects taught in schools would have resulted in actual prison sentences for the developers, purveyors, school boards and teachers when i was a kid, in the 1950's.
yet there is not a squawk about it from any quarter.
that is just one area of decline or outright corruption.
that sort of corruption is rampant in every area now.
dark days ahead, but few will protest more than weakly.
what you describe is the reality and and unhappy one it is,too.

deb h.

many thanks for your efforts.
may God bless you and your family greatly.

Anonymous said...

As it is within so it is without.

Don Williams said...

Re Anon at 9:19 AM
1) There has been a major increase in Type 2 diabetes within young children within the past 2 decades.

2) That is not genes --evolution doesn't work that fast. It is environment.
Kids with similar genes were not developing diabetes in the 1950s in such high numbers because they weren't sitting on a couch most of the day playing computer games and stuffing candy bars down their throat.

3) Inability to reason and evaluate evidence also is not a genetic flaw -- it is a learned trait.

Steve said...

I would add the failure of democratic institutions. A faux democracy will become entrenched. Terrorism is one tool they use. Sure ISIS is scary but like you say the bad guy in the 7 eleven parking lot is way more real.

One example of the way you are controlled.
In the Movie American Sniper a big deal is made about taking out Al Queda. The problem is there was no Al Queda in Iraq before the invasion. And are the Bath Party, Al Queda, and ISIS any differant or the same actors playing new parts. The big lie will get bigger and bigger.

Anonymous said...

The author needs to understand what a normalcy bias is. And know that the origins of the NWO date back to the late 1700's. Otherwise, these are just his opinions, and based on......what??

Anonymous said...

There has not been a dramatic increase in diabetes. What actually happened is this: A few years ago it was known that about half the people with diabetes didn't now it. It is common that the symptoms show up when you are in your later 20's and 30's. But the disease can be better controlled if the person begins treating it earlier rather then later. So the medical community began a program to identify these hidden diabetics and was quite successful and identified a couple million more then normally self identify in a few brief years. This simple fact has been misused by those with an agenda to convince us that diabetes is "epidemic". It isn't. The "rate" of diabetes is identical to what it was 20 years ago or 40 years ago or whatever. Diabetes is genetic. You have it at birth and you discover it when the symptoms become so noticable that you go to a doctor.

Don Williams said...

Re Anon at 8:05 pm
There is a MASSIVE amount of evidence supporting Ferfal' observations. The fact that you are unable --or unwilling -- to examine that evidence does not mean it does not exist.

Don Williams said...

@Anon at 5:42 pm
You are playing semantic games. The vulnerability to development of Type 2 diabetes is genetic --but the primary causes are obesity, high alcohol intake (which increases obesity) and lack of physical activity.

Reducing body fat down to a normal level and getting a decent amount of exercise is the recommended cure for Type II diabetes --and can remove the need for medication in many cases. Ask any doctor.

And look at the increase in health care costs and medications if you want to quibble over "epidemic".