Friday, April 9, 2010

Impact Weapons

Anonymous Stephen said...
What are your thoughts on impact weapons? While a always carry my concealed sidearm, when I am walking in a more urban area, I also carry a Cold Steel City Stick (pistol grip model). While an edged weapon certainly has its own advantages, the fact that my walking stick is already in my hand ready to go in an instant, gives me much comfort. Split seconds count for everything at such close ranges, and short of walking around with a large knife in your hand (not a good idea), I see a sturdy walking stick as the best alternative for my situation. Potential predators, unless they have no other targets to choose from, may also decide to find easier prey when seeing a walking stick. A concealed knife has no such advantage. Another factor is that carrying a concealed knife has legal implications that a walking stick does not have. I can also carry my walking stick with me right through any security checkpoint and not worry about it at all. I am not trying to "sell" anyone on my choice, but rather am looking for honest comments either pro or con. Thanks!
April 9, 2010 12:31 PM

Hi Stephen,
I don’t favor impact weapons much.
I do have a few batons, broke a couple and know that they have their uses but I much prefer a blade.
As a defensive weapon, the knife combined with some training means you control your immediate space, and it does that better than any other weapon ever created. 3 guys will have a hard time pinning a strong adult armed with a knife without getting cut. A gun places shots on one point, a club sweeps in arcs but you need a) Enough space and distance to gain momentum 2) You need to deliver a blow per person. The knife can be used to cut arcs and sweeps all around you, you don’t need much space and you can cut several body parts/persons if they are bunched together.
If you’re going for a walking stick, go for the strongest one you can get, one with good weight and preferably a steel or metal head, and ornamented silver piece would look fancy and work well too.
Unlike edged weapons, you need powerful strikes, you need to strike hard enough to break bones in order to stop someone, otherwise you’ll just leave a bruise. You don’t notice bruises in a fight, you see them later but they don’t stop you in a fight.
Cold Steel’s City stick is a very good choice. I like the Irish Blackthorn walking stick too.
It is true that a good walking stick, cane or baton is already at hand is immediately available. With enough awareness that’s a big advantage.



Anonymous said...

How about the best of both worlds?
Ever hear of Jim Bowie's sandbar fight close to where I live?

russell1200 said...

From a light piece by the WSJ (Jan 13, 2010):

From Granny to Nearly Nude Germans, Everyone's Raising Cane at the Airport: Blades Hidden in Walking Sticks Stun Owners; Full-Body Scans Set Off a Protest in Berlin

Saeed Sanjideh decided to take the cane with the lion's head on top.

The retired deli owner was traveling from San Jose, Calif., to visit his nephew in the Seattle area and figured the embellished walking stick befitted a special occasion.

"This one was fancy," said Mr. Sanjideh, 78 years old.

But as Transportation Security Administration officers examined the cane, they discovered it had a special feature hidden within: a 16-inch sword.

"It was so interesting," Mr. Sanjideh said of the cane, which his wife bought for him at a flea market. "I didn't know it had a sword in it."

Airport police were cautious. They questioned him until they finally decided that he didn't pose a security threat. He was eventually allowed to board his flight, though his walking stick -- along with its mysterious contents -- was confiscated.
End of story

So maybe what you need is a sword cane.

Uncle George said...

Carrying a sword cane will be considered as carrying a concealed weapon in most jurisdictions. Sometimes this is a felony, with the possibility of prison time if convicted of the offense.

A plain walking cane is not a concealed weapon and often is the only one legally available in certain situations. It has a longer reach than a knife and can inflict serious damage if used correctly.

In many jurisdictions a knife with a pocket clip showing on the outside of the pocket is considered as an open carry weapon. Where open carry is allowed it, is advisable to do so.

The circumstances will dictate what you can carry. Nevertheless, It is far, far better to avoid the fight if at all possible. In the USA, the police will become involved if anyone is seriously hurt. Even if you are in the right and lawfully defending yourself against an attack, there is no guarantee that you will not be charged and prosecuted for violation of a local prohibition against the weapon you were carrying.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ferfal,

As a past fencer, I would suggest that you reconsider the impact weapon as having two striking surfaces, the bash (to use a non-fencing term) and the point. Even a rolled umbrella can be a fearsome weapon and there are many styles such as savate and others that teach applicable skills. A few sabre fencing lessons might also be helpful. No one is going to hassle you walking around with a rolled umbrella with a sharp point; my state would hassle me with a double-edged blade or one over 4 inches. The umbrella handle is also useful as a hook or "come-along" in some styles.


Anonymous said...

the main advantage of a walking stick is that it's not a concealed weapon.

If you need to face the legal consequences of defending yourself in a country that values agressors more than free people defending themselves (for example, France), this can make a very huge difference.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal is right knives are a much better intimidating, damaging and killing tool.

Saying that, in countries like China, Australia, Britain, carrying a knife can have hefty consequences, not to mention using one. So an impact weapon like a heavy walking stick or unbreakable umbrella may be your only option.

An impact weapon takes training and practice to use effectively, and has less margin of error if you miss. Like Feral say's your hits need to be devastating and bone breaking, to really be effective.

Anonymous said...

A good weapon I think would be a large screwdriver.

These usually have great grips, are cheap and almost totally innocent.

They are intimidating in that they can be used as an effective stabbing weapon, but also an effective impact weapon with a hammer fist. So they are the best of both world without breaking any laws by pulling out or defending yourself with a knife, which necessarily causes serious injury.

The screwdriver could be used as a serious weapon, by stabbing into the most delicate areas, in the upper center of the stomach, up into the groin. And of course the eyes, temple and ears in the head.

As an impact weapon, the head and spine.

I'd carry both a knife and a screwdriver.