Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How do homestead attacks go down?

I’m still digesting everything that happened at the SelfReliance Expo. I’ve met so many wonderful people that I can say it far exceeded my expectations. It was so nice to meet like-minded people within the industry of survival and preparedness. So kind, so friendly. Same thing for the people attending, some were people that had read my book or blog (often both) and that had come from far away to meet me. It was definitely humbling to see that. I can’t thank you all enough.
As I talked with people I understood that one of the recurring topics of this website, the issue of security, will indeed be one of the main points for Americans in the coming decade. Fortunately some are already well aware of this problem, but for many it will indeed be a nasty awakening. The amount of homes that are within certain isolation is significant. Until not that long ago being away from main urban locations meant that you avoided the predator that was too lazy to look beyond a few yards. As the crisis goes on though, the problem increases and is already reaching those safe places where people didn’t even lock their doors. It will be no time until criminals both organize into better prepared groups and see the advantage of hitting places that are out of sight.
This video explains what happened to a friend of mine just a few months ago. The farm is hard to get to, and they have several people both living and working there. Listen to my explanation of how the bad guys took over the compound and think of ways in which you may improve your own security at home.

Take care everyone!



Anonymous said...

Are there armed and organized farm watch patrols in Argentina like they have in South Africa? My understanding is that in South Africa local farmers conduct patrols and are linked via radio for rapid response.

Anonymous said...

How about a hidden perimeter alarm or motion sensor lights/sirens in conjuntion with barbed wire/concertina. There are solar powered motion sensor lights so they wont need wireing.

Maldek said...

Thank you for sharing - this was a most interesting briefing.

@FerFal: We had a similar case here in Paraguay about 1 hour car drive from city. Dirt road and all.

A family got robbed in their house/farm. Similar strategy as in your example, they came out of the Jungle, not from the dirt road.
Loot was ~100K U$ 3 years ago.

2 years ago the vilains returned -
same tactics; loot about 20K

1.5 years ago they came again this time only able to grab guns and minor stuff.

1 year ago the family left their property (still looking for a buyer, sunk investment). They realized it was impossible to defend against 5-6 armed and patient attackers, and they DID try including fences, dogs and guns.